10 Health Tips for You

Let me get straight to the point–health tips everyone should know.

  • Health Tips #1: Foods for lifting your mood

Are you very moody or fall pray to mood swings often?

Then you need to try out these mood-stabilizing foods—pear, strawberries, oranges, apples, eggs, salmon, sweet potato, spinach, dark chocolates and walnuts.

  • Health Tips #2: STOP drinking SODA!

health tips soda

Forget a bottle or a can of soda; only 1 SIP can cause sugar overload, obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, reproductive problems, asthma and heart diseases. Even this 1 sip can easily dissolve your tooth enamel.

  • Health Tips #3: Coping with migraine headaches

There are many people who suffer from migraine headaches. And what do they do? They simply pop down 2 aspirins, without knowing how harmful the side effects of aspirins are.

Best would be to eat about 12 almonds when you feel the headache coming.

  • Health Tips #4: Strengthening hair follicles & making your hair healthy and strong

Many people have issues with hair—thinning of hair, heavy hairfall, and the likes. What you can do is eat about 3 to 4 dates every day.

  • Health Tips #5: Losing tummy fat

Try this:

2 to 4 slices of lemon; 10 to 12 mint leaves; 1 teaspoon grated ginger; 4 to 6 slices of cucumber; 1 liter water

Take 1 liter water in a bottle. Put in all the ingredients. Refrigerate whole night. Next day, take out the bottle and keep it for few minutes to cut out the chill. Drink at intervals.

You need to drink about 3 bottles of this water daily for 4 days.

  • Health Tips #6: Pre-workout foods

Pre-workout foods are usually taken 45 minute to 1 hour before workout. These foods need to be high in carbs so that they fuel you with energy.

The best pre-workout foods are yogurt, almonds, apples and bananas

  • Health Tips #7: Post-workout foods

Post-workout foods are usually taken within 30 minutes after you complete your workout. These foods need to be high in protein so that they help repair your muscles.

The best post-workout foods are yogurt with fruits, protein shakes, nuts and raisins, boiled eggs (whites), boiled chicken, and apple/banana with peanut butter.

  • Health Tips #8: Cabbage leaves

health tips cabbage

I have seen in many households that while getting cabbages ready for chopping, people tend to throw away the outer leaves.

Know that it is the outer leaves that contain more mineral salts and vitamins, not the inner leaves.

  • Health Tips #9: Why is exercising better than dieting?

There are 3 simple reasons for this:

  1. More fat is lost with exercising (78-80%) than with dieting (62-65%)
  1. More muscles are preserved with exercising (11%) than with dieting (5%). In fact, your muscles can weaken while dieting
  1. Less water is lost with exercising (17%) than with dieting (27%)
  • Health Tips #10: 4 foods promoting weight loss

There are many foods—vegetables, fruits—that benefit our body greatly if taken in moderation.

Given is a list of 4 foods that benefit not only by promoting weight loss, but by taking care of other health issues:

  1. Grapefruit: promotes weight loss; helps stop strokes; protects against heart attacks; combats prostate cancer; lowers cholesterol
  1. Fig: promotes weight loss; lowers cholesterol; controls blood pressure; combats cancer
  1. Chestnut: promotes weight loss; lowers cholesterol; combats cancer; controls cholesterol; controls blood pressure; protects heart
  1. Green tea: promotes weight loss; combats cancer; protects heart; helps stop strokes; kills bacteria


Is it very difficult to follow such simple health tips? No… I am sure.  By the way, do you know that strawberries belong to the rose family?


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