Weight Loss – 10 Things Competitors Can Teach You

You may have been on a weight loss journey that you don’t think is heading anywhere. No matter how much effort you seem to be putting in, the weight doesn’t seem to reducing. The thing is weight loss is a journey that factors in a lot of things. Intense workout and diet (that almost make you starve) will not do it.

It might work in the short run but immediately you stop, the weight you had shed comes back and in worst scenarios in greater amounts. You may have realized those people with whom you follow the same procedure have it easier and they lose their weight in the process. It’s because they incorporate other things such as:

  1. Eat More Not Less

You won’t lose weight by eating less of what you have been used to. What this actually does is that it cheats the body into a starving mode making it store unnecessary fat and sugar that will at the end affect your health. Instead of reducing the portions, incorporate healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. They have lesser calories and keep you fuller for long.

  1. Do something you enjoy

Working out doesn’t necessarily confine you to the gym workouts such as pushups and spending half of your life on the treadmill.  You can opt for other activities that you really enjoy. The idea is burn some calories and how you achieve this does not really count. It might be chasing the dog, playing football with the kids or washing the car. Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it; as long as it is physical. The idea is to have fun while losing the extra pounds.

  1. Consider you lifestyle

Lifestyle and fitness are important factors in weight loss. There is a saying that says “we can’t solve our problems with the same mentality we had while creating them”. This is indeed true and totally applicable in weight loss. Getting rid of the lifestyle that triggered weight gain is important so that you can be able to lose weight. If it was junk eating, stop the habit. Take sufficient amounts of water, have that beauty sleep (six to eight hour per day) and exercise more often. With such a lifestyle and fitness regime, you will be sure the weight won’t pile back later on.

  1. Eating plan

It is important to ensure you don’t feel the urge to eat before the stipulated time for your lifestyle fitness. With an eating plan, you eat at the same times every day and the mind knows when to expect the next meal. In no time, even the urge to overindulge ceases.

  1. Get involved

A thing you might have noticed is you tend to eat more when you are idle. It is not only you; most people go through the same thing. Put your mind into something and this way you get to not only keep your mind off food but also get to appreciate your skills or discover new things.  It might be a new instrument you wish to learn how it’s played or a hobby you may not have been giving much attention to.

  1. Make it a family thing

Involve the entire family member in the journey. For example, make the meals uniform instead of you opting for a special diet. This way they help you in reducing the temptation of indulging in calorie-dense foods.

  1. Walk

Walking is a super way of keeping fit. Two walks, ten minutes each per day is the most recommended but you may add some few minutes into it. If your job entails lots of sitting down, make it a habit to have small walks in between where stretch and relieve off pressure on the spine.

  1. Make What You Love Healthier

In the hope to reduce your calorie intake, you may make your favorite foods healthier. For example, a low fat ice cream will taste as sweet as the one with excess fat.

  1. Drink More Water

Water before meals will make you less hungry and in that line minimizes your food intake. It also gives you a chance to choose what to eat with a clearer mind.

  1. Weight Loss Supplements

They are many supplements in the stores such as leptiburn but you should consult your doctor to ensure they don’t affect you in any way.

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With the above things in mind, you will be able to lose weight effectively in no time. The journey to that great body image starts with a single step although you must keep some discipline if you want to be successful.


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