3 Best Workouts for Killer Core

Have you ever tried the 3 best workouts for killer core? Okay, tell me, who wants a killer core? I think everyone wants it. Killer core is something people are jealous of when they see someone achieving it.

In general, when we say core (you can check the Net for details), we mean upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, lower back and obliques—basically, the mid-body portion.

Not matter how hard you try, killer core does not come easily. I have seen people do workouts for killer core, but achieve nothing. The reason being that they either lose motivation or interest (because of the difficulty level), or they do not go to the gym regularly.

Try the following only if you are at intermediate or advanced level. For beginners, take these 3 best workouts for killer core one at a time. Start with less reps and start increasing the reps as your body builds power. Best would be ask your trainer and do these workouts under her/his guidance–at least at the learning stage.

Achieving a killer core is all about strength, stamina and body balance. For these 3 best workouts for killer core, you can search in Google. The videos are easily available.

Both  MEN and WOMEN can do these workouts.

  • 3 Best Workouts for Killer Core #1: Dragon Flag

dragon flag

Have you see Bruce Lee doing this? Well, I am not asking you to be Bruce Lee but where this workout is concerned, you can give it a sure try.

This is how you do it: Lie on a flat bench face up with your legs fully stretched out—parallel to the ground. Grab the bench with your hands on both side (near your ear) for support. When I say support, I mean to maintain a balance. Don’t try to stick in or stick out your elbow.

Now, as you would do both leg lift or both leg raise, lift your legs (feet together), buttocks, core and shoulders in such a way that your body is perpendicular to the bench and straight. From this position and maintaining a straight body line, slowly lower your body till that position where your body is just 2 to 3 inches above the bench. From here, go up again and come down.

Initially, your shoulders may find it hard to support your body that has rolled up. Don’t worry… you cannot be perfect in a day. It will take time BUT no matter what, do Dragon Flag as this will no doubt result in killer core.

  • 3 Best Workouts for Killer Core #2: Hanging Knee Raise

hanging knee raise

You must have tried out knee raises as a workout for your core but you have failed to get any result. Nothing to worry—try it this time as I tell you and you will sure get excellent result.

This is how you do it: I am sure you have seen a pull-up bar in the gym you visit. Now, using an overhand grip, try to hang from this bar. Your hands should be more-than-shoulder-width apart. Your body should be perpendicular to the ground. Bending your hips, try to pull up both your knees to the chest. Remember not to lean back every time you do the knee raise—you should be in the hanging position (it is like someone has hung you up and holding you from the top). Returns to you straight position. So… it is knee to your chest and straightening out.

At the beginning, it will prove difficult. You will feel like leaning back, you will find your knees are hardly coming up. Don’t give up… remember that practice makes perfect.

  • 3 Best Workouts for Killer Core #3: Renegade Row

renegade row

This is comparatively easier than the above two.

This is how you do it: Grab a pair of dumbbells and get in a push up position. From head to feet, your body should be in a straight line. Now, start with picking up your right dumbbell (as if rowing) and bringing it toward your rib cage. Go down to the starting position. Same with the left arm.


The 3 best workouts for killer core are not the only workouts. There are many other workouts for killer core. For the moment, try these. Take your time; do not try to complete these workouts in a hurry scurry.

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