4 Worst Breakfast Choices

Today I am going to discuss 4 worst breakfast choices (most of us love them!) that can ruin your health and fitness in no time. Some of you may say, “Huh! What is wrong with my breakfast?” Some other may say, “I have my breakfast when and what I feel like. I am fit and fine; nothing is wrong with my fitness.”

Well, this is where you are wrong.

You need to always remember that your breakfast should be an excellent combo of protein, carb and fat, with protein on the higher side. BREAKFAST is also considered the MAIN MEAL OF THE DAY.


Mesomorphs, and especially Endomorphs, if you don’t want to ruin your body and the after-effects of the sweat you break every day at the gym, avoid these 4 worst breakfast choices:

  • 4 Worst Breakfast Choices #1: Smoothies that are not Homemade


Awful! How can smoothies that are not homemade be your breakfast? Do you have any idea about the hidden calories these smoothies have? Some can go up as much as 900 to 980 calories! If you seriously want smoothie for breakfast, make it yourself. It will be nutritious, healthy and you know exactly what you are adding in it. Don’t you worry about gaining weight or are you okay with it?

  • 4 Worst Breakfast Choices #2: Juices


Breakfast means you need to eat food; it does not mean gulping down glasses of juices only. Non-fibrous, no natural sugar, hidden calories, drinking only juices are the worst thing to have for your breakfast. If you love to be on juices for breakfast, I am sure you are a person who does not give a damn to weight gain. Good…. Don’t crib about it later!

  • 4 Worst Breakfast Choices #3: Skipping breakfast

This is the worst of worst breakfast choice! There are scientific reasons that support why we need to eat food in the morning. These articles are found in plenty on the Net. You can read them. Having no breakfast in the morning will ruin your mind, health and fitness over time. If you are the one who hates to eat anything in the morning or loves to skip breakfast because you stay fit (this is what you think!), please give it a thought and start having your breakfast regularly and on time. You don’t want to gain unnecessary weight, right?

  • 4 Worst Breakfast Choices #4: Eating Titbits

There are many people who eats breakfast like a bird. Little of this, little of that—titbits. Never think that if you have titbits for breakfast, you will maintain a healthy and fit body. You just eat titbits may be because you don’t want breakfast that you feel is “so-called” heavy. These titbits may lack in protein, and are mostly full of carb and fat. Hmmm… I think you love your overweight or obese self… am I right?


What we find from the above 4 worst breakfast choices is that eating breakfast because you have to eat something, is not the point. Yes, you MUST EAT breakfast; at the same time, you have to make sure that protein percentage is more than carb or fat. Also, you need to keep a check that the breakfast you are eating is of low calorie, and that you have it regularly and on time.


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