Abs Training Mistakes: Rectify these ASAP

Abs training mistakes is a common phenomenon seen among men and women exercising in a gym, or at home. People who are bent upon getting a flat stomach, a strong core, or six pack abs, and could not think of anything else, it is they that make common mistakes in abs training. Sometimes, it is not their fault because they are somehow misguided. At other times, they try to overdo the exercises with more reps and sets thinking they could miraculously achieve abs in a week!

Let take a look at the major abs training mistakes that need to be rectified immediately if you are serious about getting excellent abs.

abs training mistakes

Abs Training Mistakes #1: Following a “set schedule”

Come on, how can you blindly follow a schedule where abs training is concerned? You keep doing the same exercises, day in and day out, thinking you can achieve great abs within no time. What happens is when you keep doing the same set of exercises again and again, your body starts getting used to it. As a result, no matter how you try to work hard on your abs, the exercises will have no effect on the body. It will then be just wasting your time.

Abs Training Mistakes #2: You think “fat burners” would help

So, before coming to the gym, you pop down 1 or 2 fat burners. Why? What you can’t do yourself, how can these burners do it for you? Fat burners will never give you great abs; instead, it will give you a whole load of side effects. What will happen then? Instead of focusing on good abs training, your mind will then focus on how to cut off the side effects of these fat burners. Finally, one day you will feel nauseated, another day you will feel like puking, yet another day you will get a solid headache. Your focus on abs training will go for a six!

Abs Training Mistakes #3: You are not at all “focusing on your core”

Abs is a part of the core. What about your oblique? What about your lower back? Don’t you need to strengthen those also? How can you even achieve a great abs with the other parameters left weak? Just focusing on abs is a great mistake. Your exercises should include your core. Stronger your core, stronger your abs muscles.

Abs Training Mistakes #4: You think “crunches” is the only solution for great abs

I mean, who told you so? You keep on doing crunches and nothing else thinking it is the only solution to get a six pack. No way; you are totally in the dark. Crunches only work ‘rectus abdominis’—one of the muscle groups of the core. What about the other muscle groups? Don’t you need to work them too?

Abs Training Mistakes #5: While crunching, you are doing as many as reps as you can

OMG! This is the limit! What will you gain if you do 100 reps, 200 reps? I have seen many people, crazy for six pack, do such high reps. They refuse to listen when they are told not to do such high reps. You are just unnecessary overworking rectus abdominis and tiring it out.

Abs Training Mistakes #6: You think “spot reduction” would help the most

My friends, there is nothing called spot reduction. If you have a big belly and you think only abs training would do, you are totally in the dark! You need to also exercise other body parts to achieve great abs and thereby, great body. Don’t sweat yourself out with abs training only; you will achieve nothing.

Abs Training Mistakes #7: What is this “form” you are talking about?

Every exercise has certain form and technique that you need to follow, whether you like it or not. If you do exercises without correct forms and techniques, your result will be a zero! So, if you want great results, you need to follow and must follow correct form.


Abs training mistakes are many but the above are the major ones that many people commit while training their abs. Focus and concentrate on your abs training and try to rectify such mistakes from occurring.

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