Abs without Crunches: Oh, What a Relief from Painful Crunches!

Abs without crunches is much in practice now, and why not? Crunches do not help in getting a strong core and the much-desired flat stomach. Crunches only work on the sides and front. What about the full core?

Sadly, people are misled into believing that crunches are the only way to get a strong core and six pack. I wish it is that easy!

Anyway, here I will be focusing on no crunches ab workout, and why? Because of the reason that crunches are not effective if you want to really strengthen your core, to maintain your body’s balance and stability. Your target should be to target the full abdominal area if you want to lose fat from that area, and get a toned tummy.

There are many crunchless abs exercises, and for reference, check my April 2016 article. It is all about standing moves for six pack abs. This time, it is ab workout without crunches on the floor. Using or not using a mat does not matter. If the floor is clean, it will do. Oh, by the way, you also need a pair of 2.5 kg/5 kg (each) dumbbell—the choice is yours on how much weight you can lift and handle.

abs without crunches elbow plank

Do the following abs without crunches at least 3 times a week. That would sure bring result provided you stick to it and not stop doing it in 15 days. Remember, there is no miracle—more the fat you have in the abdominal area, more the hard work on abs is involved.

Abs without Crunches

  • Plank on Elbow – 30 sec hold x 1
  • Mountain Climbers – 30 x 3
  • Overhead Reach (lying) – 20 x 3
  • Dumbbell Russian Twist (seated) – 20 x 3 (side to side – both side count 1)
  • Dumbbell Renegade Row – 20 x 3 (both side count 1)
  • Plank on Elbow – 45 sec hold x 1


To engage your full core, make sure to keep your belly contracted (pulling it towards your spine but do not go breathless doing it). If you leave your belly lose, the exercises will then have no desired effect.

Abs without crunches is a great option for strengthening your core, especially when you hate doing painful crunches!


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