Have These 3 Amazing Yoga Poses in Mind To Lose Some Weight

Yoga is regarded as perhaps the best way to bust the stress out of us but it is often perceived as one of the most effective ways to lose some weight. Our stubborn fat is easily removed within the first few yoga sessions and not only will this offer us more self-esteem but it will surely boost our confidence levels by a large margin as it not only regulates body fat but also our state of mind.

People can take up yoga to lose weight and researchers have proved that this practice drastically lowers the levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity which when put together regulates our metabolism in such a way that we will no longer gain unwanted weight by leading a lifestyle which is unhealthy.

There are a few yoga poses to have in mind in order to shed off some pounds and we’ve come up with a top for you to follow for the best results possible.


Crescent Yoga

The crescent pose is achieved by standing with your feet and toes aiming forward and arms at your sides. Inhale a deep breath of air and exhale whilst reaching your fingertips towards the ceiling for as high as you possibly can. When you’ve set yourself in a comfortable position exhale while stepping your right leg back into a knee bent backwards at an angle of ninety degrees and repeat the process for as many times as you can. Hold the position if possible whilst gazing forward to max out the results.


Willow Yoga

This pose is performed by standing with your feet together and arms and sides then placing the sole of your either foot on the inside of the opposite thigh with a knee bent to the side. The palms should touch in front of your chest and breathe in a couple of times. Exhale and extend your arms up towards the ceiling. Repeat the pose a couple of times until you feel more relaxed. If you want to go the extra mile go ahead and close your eyes whilst you find your balance.

Rocking Boat

Rocking Boat

Sit on your hind legs with knees bent and hands straightened in front of your chest whilst still maintaining a straight torso and your head in perfect alignment with the body. Lean back about 45 degrees whilst raising your feet at the same time in order to bring your calve muscles parallel to the floor with your toes pinned one next to the other. Try to hold in this position for as much as possible and repeat it for a couple of times before you feel enough comfort to extend your arms overhead.

Start by practicing these yoga steps and incorporate more in your workout as you improve.

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