Arm Workouts at Gym for Strong and Toned Arms

Arm workouts at gym would not be complete if you exclude biceps or triceps. For both sexes, the best arm workouts would strengthen and tone your arms, making it look sexy! Well, who wouldn’t want an arm with excellent biceps and triceps?

As a gym trainer, I find that many men are opposed to working out the arms as they feel it is not at all effective. Likewise, many women (mostly with thunder upper arms and huge bat flaps) are of the opinion that arm exercises at gym would make their already-big-arms bigger! Well, this controversy will continue between gymmers and trainers.

Do you know who can skip workout for arms? (1) It is the competitive athletes. The reason being that they train so extensively otherwise, they might as well utilize arm-training-time in recovery. (2) The newbies who join the gym for the first time—their focus at the beginning should be on the basic arm lifts.

arm workouts tricep kickback

What is my List of Arm Workouts?

Well, there are many exercises for arms. I have chosen about 15 of them (which I normally do—I like to keep it simple but effective) and made a list that is given below. The reps and sets—depends on your goal that you want to achieve, and whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced—should be decided by your gym trainer.

Don’t forget the pre workout stretches and post workout stretches. It is of vital importance.

Here, BB is barbell and DB is dumbbell. You can easily find videos online for each exercise or you can search here.

  • Pulley Pushdown
  • Reverse Pulley Pushdown
  • EZ-bar Curl
  • Standing DB Reverse Curl
  • Both Arm Overhead Extension
  • Concentration Curls
  • Hammer Curl
  • 21s
  • Tricep Kickback
  • Seated Alternating DB Curl
  • Single Arm Preacher Curl
  • Both Arm Preacher Curl
  • Diamond Push Up
  • Bench Dips
  • Close Grip BB Bench Press


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Arm workouts at gym for strong and toned arms is indeed interesting, once you get a grab of it. But while doing each exercise, take care of your elbows; don’t pick up heavy dumbbells from rack or floor with a jerk. Also, while picking up dumbbells from the floor, bend at the knee; do not keep your knees locked and pick up—especially those with knee problems should keep this in mind. You don’t want to injure your knees more, right?

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