Best Back Workout for Chiseled Back

Where best back workout, for both men and women, is concerned, I would like to share my favorite list of exercises to get a chiseled back. Here, you will not do all the 11 back exercises at one go; it should either be a combo of 6 back exercises, or a combo of 4 exercises when you are doing back workout with biceps or chest.

Effective back workout, if done in correct form and technique, can help in relaxing your back, help in getting rid of your back pain, and build your back strength (both upper and lower back).

Best Back Workout at Gym

The gym back workout is for anyone who is willing to get a strong back. But, if you have any issue relating to upper or lower back like pain and muscle cramps, please consult a doctor before starting with the best back exercises. “Back” is that part of the body you need to be careful about, even if you don’t suffer from any back-related problem.

best back workout wide grip lat pulldown

Here, BB is barbell and DB is dumbbell. You can easily find videos online for each exercise or you can search here.

  • Inverted Row
  • Wide Grip Pull Up
  • Bent Over Wide Grip BB Row
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown
  • One Arm DB Row
  • Close Grip Seated Cable Row
  • Back Extension
  • Stiff-legged Deadlift
  • T-bar Row
  • Standing Pulley Row

While starting with workout for back, discuss with your gym trainer about the combo that would work best for you. Before you start with back exercises on your Back Day, make sure you do the pre workout stretches.


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Start with best back workout, and with correct form and technique, you back will become strong as never before! But make sure you don’t take things in your own hands if you suffer from any upper or lower back issue.

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