7 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Burn Fat

Here comes the 1st set of 7 best bodyweight exercises to burn fat that you can start with, either in the gym or at home. Do these regularly and you will start noticing the difference in about a week to 10 days.

Bodyweight ExerciseBefore you start with these bodyweight exercises to burn fat, ask your trainer to show you the proper forms and tell you the reps and sets you need to do. The supporting videos are given to help you to get some ideas how each bodyweight exercise is to be carried out.

  • Bodyweight Exercise: Push Ups

One of the best bodyweight exercises to burn fat, push ups works out the entire body—from head to toe. Some people are of the opinion that push ups are for men because it only helps in widening the chest, i.e., bulking up the chest. This is a totally wrong concept. In fact, it is a very effective resistance exercise for both men and women.

Right from the easy to more difficult variations, push ups develop strength and endurance, and is much safer for shoulders than any other shoulder workouts carried out with weights.

Try doing the push ups in proper form. If you do it incorrectly, heaven help your shoulders and arms!

Now, if you cannot do push ups in the beginning or feel uneasy with it, do wall push ups.

For this, stand in front of a wall (a little away) and place your hands (shoulder width apart) on the wall with arms stretched out. Now, push in (so that your nose literally touches the wall), and push out (same procedure like a regular floor push up). You can go on your toes while leaning towards the wall.

You should never flare out your elbows during push ups, be it the regular floor ones or the wall ones. The elbows should be close to your body.

Once you get used to wall push ups and you feel that you are ready for the regular floor push ups, start with it.

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