Best Leg Exercises for Strengthening and Conditioning your Legs

Best leg exercises, I personally feel, are those that would strengthen and condition your legs (while losing fat) and also make them shapely and sexy! I have chosen the best leg strengthening exercises—for both men and women—out of many other leg exercises that are equally good and effective.

Now, my question here is simple: Do you want a beautiful upper body with stick-thin legs, or with thunder thighs and fat calves? Can you then imagine how you would look! Or, do you want a beautiful upper body with beautiful, strong, well-conditioned and shapely legs? Well, the choice is completely yours.

Many people (both sexes) think that exercises for legs mean just exercising thighs. That’s it? What about the other leg muscles? Don’t you need to work on those muscles too? I have seen many gymmers not wanting to do or refusing to do leg exercises—they think it is not necessary and is just a waste of time! If that is what you actually think, then you are totally in the dark.

best leg exercises front squat

KNOW the major leg muscle groups (in brief) before you start with best leg exercises:

  • Glutes

Glutes involve three muscles out of which gluteus maximus is our body’s largest muscle. The main function of glutes is helping you extend your legs from hips. One common exercise example for glutes would be “glute bridge” (also known as ‘hip bridge’ or ‘hip thrust’).

  • Hams (Hamstrings)

Helping you in flexing/curling your legs, one common exercise example for hams would be “leg curls”.

  • Quads (Quadriceps)

One of the largest groups of muscle in our body, quads is what you need to focus on while doing leg strengthening exercises. One common exercise example for quads would be “leg extension”.

  • Abductors

The outer thigh muscles, one common exercise example would be “hip stretches”.

  • Hip Flexors

These are muscles that would help you in lifting your knees. One common exercise example for hip flexors would be “lunge with pulse”.

  • Adductors

A group of muscles in your inner thigh, adductors help you in pulling your legs inside… to your body’s midline. One common exercise example for adductors would be “side leg raises”.

Given are best exercises for legs that can be done by anyone, irrespective of age and sex. BUT if you have knee problems, it would be best to take your doctor’s permission before you start with the exercises.

Don’t forget to do the pre workout stretches before you start with leg exercises.

Best Leg Exercises #1: Step Ups

Best Leg Exercises #2: Deadlift (with barbell)

Best Leg Exercises #3: Romanian Deadlift (with barbell)

Best Leg Exercises #4: Back Squat (with barbell)

Best Leg Exercises #5: Lunges (either bodyweight or with dumbbells)

Best Leg Exercises #6: Front Squat (with barbell)

Best Leg Exercises #7: Weighted Squat (with dumbbells)

Best Leg Exercises #8: Bulgarian Split Squat (bodyweight)

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Even though best leg exercises are for anyone who would love to strengthen and condition their legs, make sure to learn the proper form and technique of each exercise. You would not like to end up with any serious leg muscle injury, right?

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