2 Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

There are many articles on best way to lose belly fat circulating on the Net. It is really a problem; people are going out of the way to find out ways and means to reduce belly fat. But to no avail; losing belly fat “temporarily” is not what you are looking for, are you?

It is very embarrassing when you wear a nice suit or dress, and your big belly shows. No matter how you try to contract the belly muscles, it does not work. You become breathless. Not only this, you feel awful when someone tells you on your face, “You have such a big belly! Do you keep eating throughout the day?” and ends advising you, “Why don’t you join a gym or do something to reduce your belly fat?”

When an endomorph or a mesomorph joins a gym, the first question he or she asks me, “Ma’am, how can I lose belly fat?” Here, two problems should be taken into consideration—(a) best way to lose belly fat, and (b) how to maintain the belly fat loss so that fat does not add up again.
Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

What’s the solution?

While the Net has many answers to these questions, I personally feel that there are only 2 simple solutions (and inexpensive ones too!) to losing belly fat that you need to follow for years. There is no “temporary solution” or “miraculous solution” for belly fat loss. Many people lose belly fat fast and equally fast they gain it back in double!

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat #1: Increase the intensity and/or duration of your exercises

Strength training, combined with 2-3 day cardio + abs/core exercises would help you in losing belly fat. Cutting down on calories only will not help—you will feel weak and will not be able to concentrate on any work. To top it, there will not be any belly fat loss.

What you need is burning more calories. And how can you achieve that? By stressing your body to adapt to the increased intensity and duration of your exercises, and bringing variations therein, you can find positive results in belly fat loss. Does this mean that you are now going to spend a couple of hours or whole day at the gym? Definitely not.

It would be best to talk to a professional gym trainer who knows of ways and means to help you in this regard. He or she would target to a total body fat loss while concentrating on how to guide you with belly fat loss.

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat #2: Cut down your carbs ASAP!

Yes, this is THE trick. It is one important aspect that many of us do not pay any attention.

I agree that carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals are required for our body but to what proportion? I also agree that carbs give energy when you feel your metabolism going down. But how much energy do you need from carbs that you can’t even think of eating food that has minimal amount of carbs or no carbs? Okay… carb is giving your energy but at the same time, adding to your belly fat.

Are you not realizing this?

To top it, carbs do not help in cutting down your belly fat. Try to stick to low carb diet, and not low fat diet. But before you start with low carb diet, I would request you to talk to a dietician, or a nutritionist, or a professional gym trainer who will study your body composition, know your priority of losing belly fat, and guide you accordingly.

Not only belly fat loss, low carb diet will help keep insulin in check. If you are a diabetic, your blood sugar will stay under control. The only time you can have a good amount of carbs (fast digesting carbs like potato, white rice, pasta, fruits, cereals, liquids) is post workout. It is this time that the tolerance of carbs is at its peak, and whatever you will eat will get digested quickly.


How to lose belly fat is a never-ending topic with varied points of view. What I have written here is what I have seen and experienced as a personal fitness and weight loss trainer. For your information, the other factors to lose belly fat are avoiding sugar, following clean eating habits at proper time, drinking enough water, getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep (at night) and stress management.

Many of my clients have got excellent total body fat loss (including belly fat loss) by strictly following the 2 best way to lose belly fat.


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