Effective Bodyweight Workout Circuit: Can be done Anywhere

Here, the bodyweight workout I want to share (out of many other bodyweight workouts) have been categorized under three little circuits. For both men and women, the best bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere—be gym, or at home, or in a hotel room. The best part of this workout is that you do not require any dumbbells, or other such equipment.

This bodyweight training is required to be done one circuit after the other, just once. Meaning, circuit #1, followed by circuit #2, and then circuit #3. In between each circuit, rest for 30 to 45 seconds and drink water. No circuit repetition is required.

Don’t forget the pre workout stretches and post workout stretches. It is of vital importance. Don’t just start or stop exercising without the stretches.

Bodyweight Workout: Circuit #1

Squat with alternating leg lifts – 20 (right leg lift + left leg lift should count 1)

bodyweight workout squat with alternating leg lifts

Down Dog Abs – 10 (right side) and then 10 (left side)

bodyweight workout down dog abs

Elbow Plank with Twist – 10 (right side) and then 10 (left side)

bodyweight workout elbow plank with twist

Bodyweight Workout: Circuit #2

Knee Push Up (with 1 leg straight) – 5 (right side) and then 5 (left side)

bodyweight workout knee push up

Twisted Mountain Climber – 20 (right leg twist + left leg twist should count 1)

bodyweight workout twisted mountain climber

Bulgarian Split Squat – 15 (right leg) and then 15 (left leg)

bodyweight workout bulgarian split squat

Bodyweight Workout: Circuit #3

Superman Push Ups – 10

bodyweight workout superman push ups

Butterfly Crunches – 15

Hip Thrust (hip bridge) with alternating marching – 20 (right leg march + left leg march) should count 1)

bodyweight workout hip thrust

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The above bodyweight workout can be done daily as a whole bodyweight workout routine. If you do strength training daily, then add this bodyweight workout 4 times a week (after you complete your strength training).


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