Is Bulking Up Necessary to Look Lean & Muscular?

Is bulking up really necessary to get a lean and muscular look later? Well, it is quite a controversial question. Some believe ‘yes’, some believe ‘no’. Endomorphs out there…. are you reading this?

What is “bulking up”?  It is a process of gaining muscles by adding mass to the body. And how do you do it? You start consuming calories (more in the form of protein)… more than your daily requirement, and end up looking huge.

The downside of this bulking up strategy is you end up gaining unnecessary fat that you could have well done without.

Bulking Up

In the picture, he is an endomorph. Now, do you really think he needs bulking up to look lean and muscular (his dream)? Or, he needs to workout regularly to achieve his dream… from what he is now?

Once you gain this extra unnecessary fat, you are now worried… how to lose the fat.

We all know or have heard that while on “fat loss mission”, our body does not lose fat cells. The fat cells we are born with… remain with us forever. What our body can do is “shrink” the cells, and this can be achieved with nutritious diet, dietary supplements, regular guided workouts, good sleep and drinking lots of water.

Difficulty to be Lean and Remain Lean

Well, this is a very vital point. Endomorphs are of the opinion that it is very difficult to be lean and remain lean forever. This is the reason why they chose the path of bulking up. It is totally the wrong path to choose. Endomorphs are basically obese. To top it, if they choose the path of bulking up (because the trainer said so!), and then try to cut down to a leaner look, will it really work for them?

NO… endomorphs should never bulk up to get a leaner look at a later date. From the very first day they realize they are naturally bulking up, they should join a gym and start regular workouts. This will help them to loose fat and look lean.

If endomorphs are below 12, their parents need to look into the matter and take steps immediately. I have heard many parents saying, “There is nothing to worry; they will slim down as they grow up. Why exercise from now? They should concentrate more on their studies.”  Parents fail to realize what their endomorph children are heading toward, and later, are only left to repent.

The Exception—Bodybuilders

If you are seriously into bodybuilding, bulking up is necessary at the initial stages to make the muscles pronounce later by cutting down. Well, this is a different story altogether as bulking up here requires a bodybuilder to follow strict regime and professional guidance.

The Final Word

You don’t need bulking up to look lean and muscular. Regular workouts under correct guidance will give you your desired result—it will start to show in a month.

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