Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Strength Training

Burn fat and lose weight with strength training is an excellent topic for discussion; at the same time, it is very controversial. Comparing cardio training with strength training, some experts are of the opinion that cardio helps to burn fat and lose weight more easily. Whereas, some experts think just the opposite.

It is a also a fact that cardio shrinks both your muscles and body fat, making you look soft and thin. This is not what you want, right? Soft podgy muscles? Again, it is a fact that to burn fat and lose weight, people often resort to dieting and cardio training, with strength training pushed at the back of their mind. They fear that strength training would bulk them!

Please note that strength training will never shrink your muscles or bulk you. This is its main advantage. In fact, strength training will make you lean, burn fat and help build your muscle mass. Hence, strength training is known to burn more fat compared to cardio.

Let me try to explain this with an example—have you seen big cars? Now, do these cars require less fuel or more fuel? Of course, more fuel. Similarly, what about the large muscles in your body? The more you strength train, the more these muscles would burn fat and calories.

When you are doing strength training that is well-programmed for your body, it can help increase and keep your metabolism high for about 36-38 hours. This means that calories keep burning for 36-38 hours! Will cardio training give you such high metabolism hours? No. Cardio will burn fat and calorie only when you are doing the exercises, and not any other time. What will happen after you do cardio? Well, it will leave you weak and drained.

The best combination to burn fat and lose weight would be strength training (70%) + cardio (30%) + clean eating habits.

burn fat and lose weight strength training

Who can do strength training to burn fat and lose weight?

Strength training or weight training to burn fat and lose weight can be done according to your body composition—endomorph or mesomorph.

Strength training is excellent for endomorph dominants, coupled with 3-day cardio training and eating more of protein and fat, with minimal carbs intake. An endomorph has to really work hard and be regular with exercising to burn fat and lose weight.

Where mesomorph dominants are concerned, they are born athletic and muscular but at the same time, they have a tendency to gain both fat and body weight. They can do strength training coupled with 2-day cardio to burn the extra fat and body weight. Compared to endomorphs, mesomorphs can do it easily. The only thing mesomorphs need to keep in mind is that they should always be very careful with what they eat.

What are the variants of strength training to burn fat and lose weight?

The most common variants of strength training are:

  • High Volume Training – It is a combo of strength training and cardio training. Each week, only one muscle group is catered to, with two days of cardio. Good for endomorphs.
  • Circuit Training – Fast paced, this type training involves doing 2, 3, or 4 exercises back to back without any rest. Good for both endomorphs and mesomorphs, they need to do some cardio in between a circuit or two, or after completion of all circuit.
  • Resistance Training – This type of strength training is usually done to build strength that will, in turn, help to burn more body fat. Good for mesomorphs.
  • Isometric Training – Here, the reps are completed in a slow manner compared to other variants of strength training. Good for endomorphs.

Well, there are a couple of other variants of strength training like core training, cardio + strength training, but the above common variants would suffice for the time being.


Burn fat and lose weight with strength training is what you should seriously give a thought if you want your body to be shapely and sexy! Do incorporate strength training if you still haven’t done so in your workout routine. You will surely notice a difference within the first 15-20 days, provided you are regular and lead a healthy lifestyle with clean eating habits.


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