Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss

Calorie intake calculator for weight loss will surely help you with your daily calorie requirement that you require for fat loss.


Before I begin, you need to know your Activity Factor, which will make the calculation easy.

  • Do not exercise: 1.2 (sedentary)
  • Exercise lightly—1-3 days/week: 1.375 (lightly active)
  • Exercise 3-5 days/week: 1.55 (moderately active)
  • Exercise 6-7 days/week: 1.725 (very active)
  • Exercise 7 days/week and have a physically demanding job: 1.9 (extremely active)

Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss: Step 1

Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (BF%) here.

Now, with the BF%, you will calculate Lean Body Mass (LBM). For this, you need to calculate your Stored Body Fat (SBF) first. For example, if your BF% is 32, then for calculating SBF, take 0.32.

SBF (lbs) = Your weight (lbs) x BF%

LBM (lbs) = Your weight (lbs) – SBF (lbs)

Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss: Step 2

Here, you will calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). For this, first convert LBM (lbs) to LBM (kg). [1 lbs = 0.453 kg OR 1 kg = 2.22 lbs]

BMR = 370 + (21.6 x LBM in kg)

Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss: Step 3

Now that you have your BMR, calculating Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is easy.

TDEE = Your BMR x Activity Factor

Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss: Step 4

For the purpose of weight loss, you need a calorie deficit of 15 to 20%. For calculation, take 15% as 0.15 (or) 20% as 0.20.

Let’s take 15% as 0.15.

Calorie Deficit = TDEE x 0.15


This “Weight Loss TDEE (calories/day)” is your daily calorie intake calculator for weight loss. If it is higher than what you have calculated, you are going towards obesity. Vice versa, if it is lower than what you have calculated, then you are going towards falling easy prey to unwanted diseases that you can very well do without.

As you progress with weight loss, keep calculating “Weight Loss TDEE (calories/day)”. For example, today you calculate 1400 calories/day requirement for your weight loss regime. Say your BF% is 32. After a fortnight, you find your BF% has come down to say 30%. Then, your calories/day will also change.

Don’t go hyper about calorie intake calculator for weight loss, and lose sleep over it. Simply keep a track of what you eat—carbs, proteins, fats. Have balanced healthy meals, drink plenty of water (for 20 kg of bodyweight = 1 liter), exercise, sleep 6 to 8 hours and de-stress yourself whenever you can.


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