Which is Better: Cardio or Strength Training

Whichever exercise you do, it either falls under cardio or strength training. Talk of running, swimming, jumping rope, walking, jogging, weight lifting, power lifting and the likes—each is a part of either cardio or strength training.

strength training

This is an interesting debate as I personally feel that both cardio and strength training are interlinked. One cannot exist without the other.

Will cardio training help you achieve your goals, or will strength training help you achieve your goals, or both cardio and strength training are required to achieve your goals?


The next question that follows is “what are your goals?” This is very important to know so that you can work toward them accordingly.

Cardio or strength training: Stress buster

In this case, cardio training takes the cake. The levels of serotonin in the brain get boosted that in turn would help in counteracting depression while reducing fatigue. You will not get this serotonin booster when you will do strength training.

Cardio or strength training: Fat burner

Strength training is the winner, for sure. Why? You must have heard physicians and fitness trainers telling you to do cardio so that you can burn more calories, and thus, burn more fat. But know that where strength training is concerned, weight lifting will spike your metabolism. This is so because more energy gets used while strength training. Therefore, to burn your body fat, you need to concentrate more on strength training as compared to cardio. What you can do is HIIT in strength and LIIT in cardio.

Cardio or strength training: Self-confidence booster

Of course, strength training. Really? Where boosting your self-confidence is concerned, strength training should be your choice. Look here, both cardio and strength training help in improving your self-image, there is no doubt about it. Then why strength training? Because not only self-confidence booster, strength training will also help in shaping/reshaping your body. Cardio training helps in weight loss where both your muscles and weight reduces; strength training helps in fat and inches loss while maintaining your muscle mass.

Cardio or strength training: Slow aging

Cardio training is the winner. Where strength training helps in reducing your abdominal or intra-abdominal fat, cardio training comes packed with many health benefits. One of the benefits is slowing down your aging process. Why only aging process, cardio training takes care of diabetes, blood pressure, heart and many other diseases. It is not that strength training has no ability—it also takes care but not like cardio training.


While this debate—whether cardio or strength training is better—will continue and go on for ever and ever, it is totally up to you and your trainer to decide which one will be the best for you. It can be cardio training, or strength training, or both.

All depend on your age, your stamina and endurance, and your staying-fit-and-healthy goals, in short.  Why age because obviously if a person is 60+, you can’t expect him or her to do 100 jumping jacks or 100 high knee jumps at one go!


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