Chest and Back Workout at Home: What are You Waiting for?

My list for chest and back workout at home is for those men and women who do not get any time to go to the gym due to work or study pressure. Be early morning or evening when you are free, workout chest and back, either as one day for chest workout, one day for back workout, or twice a week for chest and back exercises. Twice a week means there should be a gap of two days—for example, Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, or Wednesday and Saturday.

All are bodyweight exercises; meaning, you don’t need any equipment. At most, you can keep a mat while doing exercises on floor. Well, in summer, that is also not necessary. It is your choice.

The list of home chest and back workout is enough to get your chest and back strong and in shape. And repeating myself, home or gym, you should know the proper form and technique of each exercise, failing which you can end up injuring yourself.

Before you start with the workout, don’t forget your pre workout stretches and post workout stretches. These are most important.

chest and back workout at home single leg push up

Chest and Back Workout at Home 

I have divided the chest and back workout at home in two parts:

  1. Home Chest Exercises

Home chest exercises would include:

  • Single Leg Push Up
  • Wide Push Up
  • Staggered Hand Push Up
  • Narrow Push Up
  • Side Push Up
  1. Home Back Exercises

Home back exercises would include:

  • Good mornings
  • Superman/Superwoman
  • Pike Push Up
  • Hip Bridge/Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge
  • Prone Reverse Fly
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Reverse Snow Angel

Please note: (a) video for each exercise is available on the Net; (b) if you have upper or lower back issue, please consult a doctor before starting with back exercises.


The chest and back workout at home is easy to do, and would not take much time. Remember, correct form and technique is the key to great workouts. Keep sipping water while exercising, especially in summer.

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