Daily Workout for a Longer Period is Really Important?

Dear readers, do you think daily workout for a longer period is really important? Let me come straight to the point. What’s your answer? Is it a YES or a NO?

Daily Workout

Why some would say “YES” to daily workout for a longer period  

First priority—“If I stop daily workout, I will surely put on lots of weight.”

Once you come out of the periphery of your daily workout, you still have to be careful of what you need to eat and what you need to avoid eating. If you give up on your diet (remember, our body depends 80% on nutritious balanced diet and 20% on exercise) and start eating all crap, you will surely put on weight. In fact, double the weight of what you have so painstakingly lost. So, it is not the fault of “giving up daily workout”.  The TRICK lies in your DAILY DIET.

What do you understand from the above paragraph? Yes, you got it. Even if you do not work out for a longer period or if you are taking a 30-day break from your daily workout, it is your “urge” to eat junks that you need to keep a strict check and control.

Breakfast being the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL of the day (more of protein, less of carb and fat), your lunch should be little lesser than breakfast, and your dinner (protein comparatively more than carb and fat) should be little lesser than your lunch.

Daily Workout 1

Why some would say “NO” to daily workout for a longer period  

First priority—“I need my muscles to repair all its wear and tear; then I will start with my daily workout again.”

If you are stuck to daily workout for a longer period, your body will stop responding—a PLATEAU stage. This means, you will keep on working out without any result. Therefore, it is very important you take 30-day break once in a while… give time for your muscles to repair its wear and tear. This is the first priority.

Simply said, you need to read between the lines. The forte—fat loss and high fitness level.

Cocktail of YES and NO

When you are taking a 30-day break, keep a close watch on your diet. Thereafter, when you start daily workout again, start with a fresh workout schedule.

Simple (it sounds so) and yet, difficult (keep a control of diet needs strong willpower)!

Try out this trick if you want to remain “hale and hearty” and “healthy and fit”.


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