Cleanse and Detox

These two common words cleanse and detox goes above the head of many. It is natural because neither you are a physician nor do you understand the human anatomy clearly. Many people think that cleanse and detox mean the same thing; only two different words are used.


We always read on the Internet that our body needs both cleanse and detox and that we need to follow certain regime for cleanse and detox. On the other hand, many misleading information about cleanse and detox also confuses us thoroughly. As a result, we either do not know what actually should be done or we end up doing cleanse and detox in a wrong way.

In this article, I will explain cleanse and detox as clearly as I can so that even a layman can understand the difference between them.


Cleanse simply means “cleaning the digestive tract”. In other words, cleanse is the elimination of compacted fecal matter, fungi, parasites and toxins from our body; it also means elimination of “trigger foods” from our daily diet. Eggs, soy, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, corn, etc. can trigger sensitivities, digestive issues and allergies in many.

Cleanse is more effective when you get the recommended rest, exercise moderately, and strictly follow some herbal supplements’ regime. It supports and enhances the detox process.


A metabolic process, detox changes toxins—cigarette residue, cleaning solutions, heavy metals, environmental elements, chemicals—in our body into waste and get eliminated later.

Detox is necessary to make it easy for toxins to be released from fat storage cells and enhance the liver functions.

Certain symptoms—joint pains, anxiety, depression, constipation, high blood pressure, muscle aches and fatigue, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, food allergies, food sensitivities—would tell you that you need a detox. For this, you need to change your lifestyle, change your diet, go for therapeutic sweating, take some herbal supplements, exercise on a regular basis, and whatever your physician would suggest to you.

The environment is full of toxic substances and our overexposure to these makes it a vital necessity to detox our body twice or thrice in a year.


So, as you now know, both cleanse and detox is necessary for each of us; they are interlinked though a little different. Take professional help when you require cleanse and detox. You will be given a regime to follow, and the side effects and reactions would be monitored. There is nothing to fear—you can enjoy cleanse and detox if you are guided on the right track.

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