Dr. Bill Boyd from Australia behind 340-km Walk to Tackle Obesity

Leading by example, Dr. Bill Boyd from Queensland, Australia has embarked upon a 340-km journey over 10 days to encourage fellow health practitioners to ditch their desk and get into a healthy lifestyle that doctors recommend to other patients.

Dr. Boyd is a Mackay-based gynaecologist. Speaking with ABC Far North, he says that obesity is a huge problem in Australia and health professionals are equally prone to it as the patients coming to them.

Dr Bill Boyd - Weight Loss

Dr. Bill Boyd during his walk

Dr. Bill says:

We find ourselves sitting on one side of the consulting desk talking to people who have got obesity problems, and if we look as if we’re not particularly fit ourselves [the message] doesn’t ring true. Not only do we have obesity, but it is getting worse.

On his 340-km journey, Dr. Boyd is traveling 30-km a day to reach his final destination, from Cairns to Townsville. Des Burgess is his support driver. During the mammoth walk, he will visit various regional towns and encourage other health practitioners to change their lifestyle.


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