Fast and Up Review: Intelligent Sports Nutrition in INDIA

Fast and Up Review is all about the patented Swiss brand Fast and Up sports nutrition, that has been popularized by athletes and health enthusiasts in Europe and US since 2007. Based on the Effervescent Technology with Swiss IP, Fast and Up is the first ever line of products in Intelligent Sports Nutrition in INDIA.

It is exclusively brought to India by Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Ltd, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Fast and Up Review: Sports Nutrition Products

At this stage, 5 “gluten-free” Fast and Up sports nutrition products are available, especially for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts:

  • Fast & Up ACTIVATE (pre workout—to be taken half-an-hour before you start workout)
  • Fast & Up RELOAD (during workout—keeps you hydrated)
  • Fast & Up RECOVER (post workout—to be taken within 15 to 20 minutes after workout)
  • Fast & Up CHARGE (calcium—caters to immunity)
  • Fast & Up MALTO GEL (for quick energy)

Out of the 5 products, the following 3 products are “diabetes-friendly; BUT consult a medical professional before using all the 5 products.

  • Fast & Up Reload
  • Fast & Up Recover
  • Fast & Up Charge

Being a T2D (Type 2 Diabetic) and a heavy weight strength trainer, I had started with Fast & Up Reload and Fast & Up Recover.

Fast and Up Review: Fast & Up Reload (hydration—during workout)

 fast and up review fast and up reload

An excellent combination of water, carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes, with a dash of fructose and maltodextrin, Fast and Up Reload (1) counters damage caused by Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress (EXIOS); (2) helps in providing instant energy; (3) helps in healing wounds; (4) reduces fatigue, and (5) enhances performance.

  • Fast & Up Reload Ingredients (per tablet)

Sodium            180 mg

Potassium        77 mg

Chloride          122.87 mg

Magnesium      20 mg

Calcium           12.5 mg

Vitamin C       37.5 mg

Vitamin B12   2.4 mcg

Vitamin D3     100 I.U.

Maltodextrin   1280 mg

Fructose          640 mg

Nutrients         Per tablet

Energy 11.79 Kcal

Protein 0.03 g

Carbohydrate  2.91 g

Fat       0.004 g

  • Fast & Up Reload Usage

Take 250 ml room temperature water. Drop 1 tablet and wait till it completely dissolves. Your drink is ready. During workout, if 250 ml finishes in no time, you can make another 250 ml to 500 ml. For 500 ml, you need 2 tablets.


As a T2D and 83% Mesomorph, I was looking for one product that would keep me hydrated during heavy exercises (I sweat a lot), and at the same time, not spike my blood sugar level. Before this, I had tried many other such products but my sugar level had fluctuated on many occasions. I was sceptical about Fast & Up Reload. Well… I took a chance and it is about 20 days now, I have no complaints. NO SIDE EFFECTS NOTICED/FELT.

My excessive sweating has stopped; I can concentrate more on my training than wasting time wiping sweat off my face, neck and arms every minute or two. As a mesomorph, I am already energetic; Fast and Up Reload has added more to my energy level. 

Fast and Up Reload will work excellent on ENDOMORPHS working out at a gym. Endomorphs are known to have low-to-very-low metabolism and sluggishness. 

Fast and Up Review: Fast & Up Recover (post workout)

fast and up review fast and up recover

An ideal supplement drink (to be taken within 15 to 20 minute post workout, race, or match) to stimulate protein synthesis and repair muscle tissues, Fast and Up Recover has more than BCAAs, L Arginine and L Glutamine—a unique combo in one! Recover helps building proteins in the body and balancing biological molecules at a cellular level. DO NOT EAT anything immediately after drinking Fast & Up Recover. At least give half-an-hour gap.

Fast & Up Recover Ingredients (per tablet)

L Leucine        150 mg

L Glutamine    100 mg

L Threonine     100 mg

L Lysine HCI  100 mg

L Ornithine HCI         85 mg

L Arginine       85 mg

L Proline         60 mg

L Histidine      60 mg

L Serine           60 mg

L Carnitine      50 mg

L Isoleucine    50 mg

L Valine          50 mg

L Citrulline      50 mg

L Phenylalanine          50 mg

L Tyrosine       50 mg

L Methionine  50 mg

L Glycine        50 mg

Taurine            50 mg

L Glutathione reduced            50 mg

L Tryptophan  40 mg

  • Fast & Up Recover Usage

Take 250 ml room temperature water. Drop 1 tablet and wait till it completely dissolves. Your drink is ready. Drink it within 15 to 20 minutes post workout. Whatever you want to eat can be after about 45 minutes to 1 hour of drinking Fast & Up Recover.


Again, as a T2D and 83% Mesomorph, I took a chance with this Fast & Up Recover post workout drink. Actually, I could not resist myself from trying something that has BCAAs, L Arginine and L Glutamine—all packed in one effervescent tablet, in the right amount. It is about 20 days now, and I have no complaints. NO SIDE EFFECTS NOTICED/FELT.

Whatever tiredness and fatigue I would feel earlier, has been taken care of. Also, earlier when I would lift quite heavy weights, I would feel pain in arms or legs during the day. Now, I don’t feel that pain creeping up.

IMPORTANT: I would suggest you take whey protein (if you are already using it as post workout drink) at any other time of the day. There is no use of taking both whey protein and Fast & Up Recover as post workout drink at the same time.   

Fast and Up Review: Sports Nutrition Products’ Advantages

The advantages of Fast and Up sports nutrition products are:

  • Faster action
  • Easily portable
  • Gentler on digestive tract
  • Better taste
  • No side effects (if taken as recommended and as approved by medical professional)

Fast and Up Review: Sports Nutrition Products’ Disadvantages

There are no disadvantages as such if you take the sports nutrition products as directed. BUT YES, if you have any serious medical issues or you are on daily medication, you must consult a medical professional before starting with sports nutrition products.

Fast and Up Review: Conclusion

The above Fast and Up review is 100% factual. As you would have guessed, I have tried out both Fast and Up Reload and Fast and Up Recover. It is 20 days now, and I feel great. No tiredness, no fatigue, and I feel energetic throughout the day. NO SIDE EFFECTS NOTICED/FELT. Don’t go overboard with the products and consume more than what is recommended. Then of course, there can be side effects! Fast and Up sports nutrition products are a must try and worth every rupee you would spend.

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