Does Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss Work?

Despite diet and exercise, weight loss is extremely difficult. Even a good diet cannot offer complete nutrition and it is where supplements enter. Conventional weight loss methods work for only 15% of the people. Today, we are going to talk about Forskolin extract and how it helps us in weight loss.

What is Forskolin Extract?

Related to the mint family, Forskolin is produced by the Indian Coleus plant and is considered a natural supplement. The plant grows in the subtropical areas of Thailand and India, and forms a part of traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. In the ancient times, the plant was used in the treatment of respiratory issues, high blood pressure, heart disorders and others. When the extract is consumed orally, it treats urinary tract infections, skin conditions, allergies, bladder infections and other problems.

In the recent past, the extract gained prominence as a weight loss supplement. How? Researches show that Forskolin can break fats stored in fat cells. Consumption of Forskolin extract releases fatty acids from adipose tissues, leading to an increase in thermogenesis, propelling weight loss.

Here is a pictorial representation of how the herb works on the human body.

In one of the studies between Forskolin and placebo, overweight or obese men who consumed Forskolin showed a significant increase in bone mass as compared to the men consuming placebo. The weight loss extract boosts metabolism levels, which successfully leads into weight loss.

This does not mean exercise and healthy eating should be abandoned. The pure extract supplements will enable sustained weight loss. It will prevent loss of lean muscle mass as it actually increases bone mass. The bone mass increase as weight is lost.

Yet another study shows a group of women lost 10 pounds in 9 weeks, and 7% of their body fat – it is the result of consuming 10% pure Forskolin extract. The Forskolin weight loss supplement improves memory retention and heart beats.

When you’re buying Forskolin extract, buy the all-natural ones as the synthetic ones have disappointing results. Buy one with at least 20% of pure Forskolin extract. Lastly, here is a very resourceful post to learn how to take Forskolin for weight loss.

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