4 Minute Full Body Workout Without Weights For Fat Loss

The 4 minute full body workout without weights for fat loss is an excellent HIIT for getting rid of the fat accumulated in your body. Give yourself 6 months, stick to it, and you will get great result. And don’t worry; if you have no time to go to a nearby park or gym for exercises, doing full body workout without weights for weight loss at home is quick and the best alternative.

Most people are worried sick about fat loss and weight loss, and in the process, spend hours at gym doing cardio, thinking that body fat will vanish miraculously in no time. NO WAY, my friends.

“Too much cardio would help in fat loss or weight loss” is a totally wrong concept. It will spoil your muscles. Yes, maybe you can lose some weight over time. THAT’S IT.

Tell me, do you seriously want to lose muscles? Do you think you are going to benefit anything out of it? NO. Muscle loss will prove harmful to your body as you age.

Anyway, let’s move forward to find out the CARDIO we have on our plate here!

Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss

What is full body workout? In brief, it is exercising your full body, and not “spot reducing” any part, as some may think.

You are going to do the following workout, 5 times a week (Mon through Fri), 3-4 sets. Regarding reps, there is no binding as such. You will try to take as much reps as you can (try getting 10 reps) within the stipulated time, that is, 30 seconds each. Make sure your form, posture and breathing pattern are correct for each exercise.

You will do all 6 exercises, one after the other, and give a minute break after completing each set. Take a few sips of water as hydration is necessary, and start with the next set. Use a timer to record the exact seconds you will do each exercise.

Remember to do pre workout and post workout stretches. This is important; don’t just start and end the workout abruptly.

1 set will take 30 sec x 6 exercises = 3 minute + 1 minute rest after each set = 4 minute. Therefore, 3 sets will be 4 minute x 3 sets = 12 min + 3 minute of pre workout stretches + 3 minute of post workout stretches.

TOTAL = 18 minute for 3 sets (or) 22 minute for 4 sets.

Saturdays and Sundays will be REST days.

 full body workout without weights

Let us begin:

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #1: Incline Push Up


In the 1st video above, stepper is used; in the 2nd video, a low bench is used. The choice is yours. In a gym, you get both. In your house, you can use a low table or bed side but make sure the height is not too much. You will understand what I mean here when you watch the videos.

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #2: High Knee


In the video, the trainer is doing running high knee. If you are in a park, you can do it. At gym or home, you should do high knee standing in one place. This is an excellent fat loss exercise.

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #3: Burpee


In the above video, the trainer is going down, push back with leg, pulling in the leg, and jumping while standing up. If you are just a beginner, cut out the jumping part for the first 7 days.

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #4: Push Up


You can follow either one of the video. The 1st video shows push up with legs straight; the 2nd video shows push up with knees bend.

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #5: Jump Squat


This is another excellent fat loss exercise when you do it in correct form.

  • Full Body Workout without Weights for Fat Loss #6: Elbow Plank


Now that you have done 5 exercises, it is time to plank. Watch the video and follow.


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Wrap Up

4 minute full body workout without weights for fat loss is just one of the workouts that would help you in losing your body fat. You need to be consistent and bent upon to reach your fitness goal. Don’t cheat yourself and go lazy on it.


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