Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Weight Loss Supplement

In the last few months, I had provided excellent weight loss solutions in the form of supplement pills (Phen375, Capsiplex, Meratol); in the form of safest meal replacement (Herbalife); and in the form of powerful detox tea (IASO).

Well, I am here to help you once again with a new product that has hit the market worldwide pretty recently.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Introduction

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Cultivated in India, Africa and Southeastern Asia, Garcinia Cambogia is actually a fruit (native to Indonesia) that looks like pumpkin but a smaller version. The whole fruit is known to be full of Hydroxictric Acid (HCA) and the rind, after drying and processing, is known to contain fat blockers.

This is what Garcinia Cambogia looks like:

Garcinia Cambogia

Advanced Health, a company famous for developing Proactol and Capsiplex, has recently launched Garcinia Cambogia Extra weight loss supplement that also contain Raspberry Ketone—a powerful fat burner and metabolism booster.

It is said when two powerful products—Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone—are put together, it becomes a UNIQUE FORMULA that produce excellent weight loss results.

This is what Raspberry looks like:


Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Supplement Facts

The chart provided will tell you why Garcinia Cambogia Extra is proving to be a very effective weight loss supplement—a potent and pure formula.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Positive Effects

Till date, the positive effects of Garcinia Cambogia Extra that have been reported and brought to focus are:

  • Prevents formation of fat that, in turn, boosts weight loss – lipogenesis inhibitor.
  • Naturally suppresses appetite – prevents sugar from getting metabolized into fat.
  • Powerful mood enhancer – it is said that if you are not in the “mood” for weight loss, you can never get any result, no matter how hard you try.
  • Improves metabolism – it helps in boosting your otherwise low level of metabolism.
  • Muscle mass retainer – it does not weaken your muscle mass, even if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Side Effects

With the above positive effects, there should not be any side effects. BUT YES, if you are not regular with it or take it on your whim and fancy, you may feel stomach sickness, nausea, or headaches.

You have to take it regularly as prescribed.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: When to Take It?

It depends on how much bodyweight and fat you want to lose. BUT best would be 30 to 45 minutes before a meal, if you really want the product to work effectively.

PLEASE NOTE: While taking Garcinia Cambogia Extra 30 to 45 min before meal, make sure not to eat anything, not even take a little bite, after taking the supplement and before having your meal.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Reviews: Who should not Take It?

If you are a diabetics, or a nursing and pregnant woman, or suffering from chronic HEALTH conditions, STAY AWAY from Garcinia Cambogia Extra if you don’t want to further complicate your health.


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