7 Most Important Gym Etiquette every Gym Goer must Follow

When you are going to the gym, you must keep in mind the gym etiquette that you need to strictly follow as I have personally found that people mostly tend to avoid or never bother about gym etiquette.

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7 Most Important Gym Etiquette

Read through and you will know what I am talking about here.

  • Gym Etiquette #1: Never Keep Looking at the Mirror

Never keep looking at the mirror the whole time you are in the gym, especially when you are trying to fix your hair or correcting your make up. Gym is not the place for this—mirrors are used in the gym for you to see whether you are doing the exercises in the correct or proper form. In this case also, you don’t have to keep looking at the mirror. Once you know the correct form, you can do it on your own without looking at the mirror every second. Always remember that you are in a gym and not in your bedroom or bathroom where you adorn yourself looking at the mirror.

  • Gym Etiquette #2: Never Wear Make-Up

Gym is a place for workouts and for training yourself to be fit. It is not a fashion ground where you deck yourself up heavily with make-up and walk the ramp. Many women forget this; they come so laden with make-up that in a gym environment where people are sweating themselves out, it looks very odd and eye-catching. Not only this, every time you feel that your make-up is being drained by your sweat you will only waste your time trying to repair it. In the process, your mind will be more on your make-up than on the workout.

  • Gym Etiquette #3: Never smell Foul

Any type of workout involves a lot of sweating. No one can say that he or she does not sweat while exercising. Have you ever noticed or have you ever been aware of the fact that when you sweat, your body lets out a foul smell? As a fitness trainer, I also have clients whom I repeatedly remind that they stink and they should use body sprays, roll-ons, or something of that sort to keep away the stink. Well… some listen and some behave as if they have not heard anything. You need to always keep in mind that you are not alone in the gym. There are many others and you, I am sure, do not want them to leave the gym the moment you enter it. You need to maintain a clean hygiene and taking care of this stink or foul smell should be your first priority when you exercise in a gym.

  • Gym Etiquette #4: Never get involved in Useless Chatting

Gym is not a park or a party hall where you keep chatting with people. If you are always in chatting mode, not only you will be wasting your time, but you will also be disrupting others’ workout routine and distracting the trainer. Many people are in the habit of chatting in the gym. If you are inclined to more chatting that working out, leave the gym or better still, do not enroll yourself in a gym.

  • Gym Etiquette #5: Never Make Changes or Alterations in your Daily Workout Routine

If the trainer feels you need a change in exercises or reps and sets, he/she would tell you. Till this happens, never try to change or alter your workout routine because you feel like doing it. Also, when you are doing a particular exercise, say, leg raise… do not try to do its variations till the trainer tells you. Your trainer knows what would be best for you; leave it on him/her.

  • Gym Etiquette #6: Never Try to Assist your Trainer

Many gym goers are in the bad habit of appointing themselves as a temporary assistant to the trainer when the trainer is busy training other clients. Even if you know all the correct moves and you feel bad when you find others doing them wrong, at the best what you can do is draw the trainer’s attention to it. But you never go and start teaching them the right moves (even if the trainer asks you to do so). Remember that you must not assist your trainer.

  • Gym Etiquette #7: Never Wear Low-cuts or Short Dresses

During the course of working out, it is obvious that at some time or the other you will do few exercises that would involve bending and stretching. In both these cases, low-cuts and short dresses would simply reveal your body and distract others. Wearing a sportswear would be the best option. Check online to find out what exactly you can wear to the gym.

So you see? You need to follow these 7 most important gym etiquette when you are in a gym.

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