Healthy Bedtime Snacks: Best and Easy on Pocket

What are healthy bedtime snacks is a question frequently asked by many. In sports from the age of 8, I have had (and still have) my pangs of hunger, especially, at bedtime. More so because when you have dinner by 7 pm and you are off to bed around 10-11 pm, this gap of 3 to 4 hours can make you feel hungry again. Well, this does not happen on daily basis but it happens. I will be lying if I say I never feel hungry at bedtime.

As I was growing up and got deeply involved in sports, I would sure feel hungry, and especially, at bedtime. I would check in the biscuit tin and take out a handful, or I would have some sweet yogurt, or a fruit, or some dry fruits like raisins and non-salty cashews, or 2 or 3 white bread toasts with cheese/butter. But till I would eat, I could not sleep. Now, those days (40 years back), people did not talk much of carbs, fats, proteins and their effects. We had more or less no idea—we would eat whatever we would get. Yes, I had heard a few times doctors saying that protein is the building block and is important for physical growth.

All these years, I have tried out many snacks at bedtime and rounded up with some best bedtime snacks that are not only healthy, but are also satiating and keeps you full. These won’t make you put on weight provided you eat any snacks in moderation.

What are the Healthy Bedtime Snacks?

Important question indeed. People always end up eating the wrong foods at bedtime, and who is blamed? Of course–the foods.

Funny, isn’t it?

Okay, let me not waste time but come straight to the point. The following is what I take (as a mesomorph) whenever I have the need for snacks at bedtime. BUT I don’t do this on a regular basis.

healthy bedtime snacks almonds

  • Healthy Bedtime Snacks #1: Yogurt

Yogurt? But I have heard it is heavy and will increase my weight?

No way; yogurt is protein and it is good as bedtime snacks. It is good for mesomorphs and endomorphs. Take a small bowl, put a little pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper powder. Mix it well and have it. Instead of salt and pepper, if you add sugar, then you know what will happen—it will make you put on weight.

Yogurt with sugar is good for ectomorphs.

  • Healthy Bedtime Snacks #2: Protein Shakes

By protein shakes, I mean not a shake with many ingredients added to it. If you are an ectomorph, use 2 scoops of protein powder in 200-250 ml cold milk (not hot or warm), shake well—use a shaker, and drink it.

For mesomorphs and endomorphs, take a scoop of whey protein in 200 ml water and drink it. This will not only help in repairing your muscles, it will boost you for your morning workout.

Don’t eat anything with the protein shake. Then the purpose of taking protein won’t be served.

  • Healthy Bedtime Snacks #3: Banana

If you are not diabetic, banana is one of the healthy bedtime snacks you can eat. But 1 banana and not “bananas”!

Mesomorphs and endomorphs need to stick to 1 banana; ectomorphs can have 2, and not more. If you strongly believe that you should not eat fruits at night, it is okay. Don’t eat it.

  • Healthy Bedtime Snacks #4: Almonds

Almonds are my all-time favorite. Why as bedtime, I keep munching these even when I am exercising and lifting heavy. WHEW!

Good in Omega 3, 6 and 9, all gain from it. And again, just a few—10 almonds.

  • Healthy Bedtime Snacks #5: Apple

Fat-free and low calorie fruit, apple will help all to feel full when you eat it at bedtime. I would suggest you take ½ apple and if you want protein with it, go for peanut butter. Peanuts are good source of protein.

As I have said in #3, if you believe in not eating fruits at night, no problem. Don’t eat it.


Dark chocolate can also be a healthy bedtime snacks, especially when you are totally stressed out, could not sleep and you want to reduce your stress level. But you will not eat a full bar; 3 to 4 pieces would suffice.

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