Advantages And Disadvantages Of Home Workouts

Home workouts mean ‘working out at home’—as simple as that. BUT is it really that simple?

Home workouts are in fashion nowadays—people prefer working out at home instead of going to a gym to save time and money. It does not really matter if you are working out for weight management, fitness, powerlifting, strength training, or bodybuilding.

Home workouts can be done in your garage, roof top, spare room, or any other room—the main intention should be “right place” for you to train; something that makes you feel comfortable and reach your goals.

home workouts

Advantages of Home Workouts

As I have mentioned, at home workouts are a choice of many. No doubt it has some advantages.

  • Advantages of Home Workouts #1: Not Bound by Time

You can train when you want, any part of the day and night. Your home gym is open 24×7.

  • Advantages of Home Workouts #2: The Environment is your Own Choice

How you create the environment for workouts at home is your own choice. No one has a say in it. The floorings, walls, music, TV, washroom—you design and decorate to suit your comfort level and workout goals.

  • Advantages of Home Workouts #3: No Waiting to Use Equipment

Generally in a gym, you have to wait for a person to finish working out on equipment, for you to use it. Also, it becomes very difficult to carry out circuit training and the likes in a crowded gym. At home, whichever type of workouts you do, there will be no waiting period.

  • Advantages of Home Workouts #4: You Work Out when You Want

There is no fixed time for your working out. It can be morning, noon, evening or night. The choice is yours. Whenever you get 30-60 minutes in your hand, you work out. But make sure you work out daily.

Disadvantages of Home Workouts

Working out at home sounds easier than working out at gym, but it actually has certain disadvantages that cannot be ruled out/ignored totally.

  • Disadvantages of Home Workouts #1: Your Initial Investment

This surely is one major disadvantage—not everyone can set up the environment and equipment for home workouts.

You cannot work out without any equipment, no matter how much you do bodyweight exercises. You need the minimum equipment to start with. And once you get one equipment, you want another, then another, and like this, your expenditure would hike.

  • Disadvantages of Home Workouts #2: Not Many Options of Exercise Variety

If you do not spend on buying equipment or if you do not turn your room/roof space/garage into a proper gym, you will have a very few exercise options, especially where training with weights, powerlifting, bodybuilding are concerned. For these, you cannot wile away your time with just cardio and bodyweight exercises.

  • Disadvantages of Home Workouts #3: Improper Form and Technique

Unless you have an experienced trainer who would train you at home, there is no use of exercising at home. What is the reason? No matter how much and how many videos you watch day in and day out, you will never be able to master proper form and technique, especially if you are a beginner. Somewhere, at some point, you will go wrong.

  • Disadvantages of Home Workouts #4: Maintenance Expense

Don’t forget the maintenance expense that you need to incur from time to time. After setting up home gym or you get some equipment to start with initially, maintenance is necessary. You need to keep the place germ-free, dry, clean and what not.

  • Disadvantages of Home Workouts #5: A Headache!

After spending so much to set it up, and thereafter not working out regularly, not working out in proper form and technique, or not keeping the gym/room neat and clean on a daily basis, you will find it is indeed a headache!

People say gyms are germy. Well, there will be germs in your home gym also.

Wrap Up

Disadvantages of home workouts, I personally feel, weigh more than the advantages. And when you add up the yearly cost for the same, you will find that yearly gym fees are much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

On the other hand, if you can maintain everything well and not go slack with it, go ahead with it and build a dream home gym.

Home workouts are best for people who have years of experience in gyms and know what they are doing.

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