How to Avoid Sugar Cravings: Herculean Task for Many

How to avoid sugar cravings is that question, the answer to which are shunned by most people. The reason is simple—they don’t want to actually wash their hands off sugar at any cost, and the more added sugar eaten, the better.

Yes, there are some who have tried their best to avoid sugar cravings but have not succeeded. This craving is actually “addiction” of sugar. One look at some of your favorite sweets/desserts, and your all attempts not to eat these fail! You give in to your sugar cravings and end up eating a few of it.

You should know that sugar cravings, or sugar addiction has tremendous harmful effects on your health, both psychologically and physically. But you are not the only one with sugar cravings; if the diet is overloaded with sugar, what can you do about it?

The ONLY OPTION to avoid sugar cravings is to change your eating habits. Sugar is poison… sugar is a silent killer. Oh yes, it is true! And the more you control your sugar cravings and stay away from this disaster-causing element, the better for you in both short and long run.

how to avoid sugar cravings sugar

  • How to Avoid Sugar Cravings #1: Know its Nutritional Value

Sugar is 100% sugar. THAT’s IT! No carbs, no proteins, no vitamins & minerals, no fats—meaning, sugar has no essential nutrients required by your body. So… what are you eating basically? Simple—it is called “EMPTY CALORIES.

  • How to Avoid Sugar Cravings #2: No Added Sugar

As sugar has empty calories, people tend to overconsume it. If a dish is not tasting sweet, more sugar is added. This added sugar/overconsumption leads to many diseases and disorders. You can easily avoid these by controlling your sugar cravings.

  • How to Avoid Sugar Cravings #3: It is HARMFUL for Health

Sugar increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, unnecessarily too much inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. So, avoiding sugar cravings can benefit you in lowering your blood pressure, giving you a clear skin, reducing cancer risks, and increasing your immunity and metabolism.

  • How to Avoid Sugar Cravings #4: Stay Away from Sugar

OMG! This is Herculean task indeed! It is not… YOU CAN DO IT. Do not buy sugary snacks (read the food labels), eat a fruit (if you feel the urge for eating sugar), eat natural foods and not processed, exercise daily, drink minimum 2 liter of water, sleep 6-7 hours. A health/wellness coach or a dietician will help you in this regard.

How Much Added Sugar Can You Take?

Other than natural sugar, how much added sugar can you take on a regular basis… if you want?

Well, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugar for men is 9 teaspoons (150 calories) per day; for women, it is 6 teaspoons (100 calories) per day.

Wrap Up

Understanding how to avoid sugar cravings and that sugar is bad for health is your 1st step toward “sugar” free diet. Not incorporating sugar in your diet would be your 2nd step, and the final step is to totally stay away from sugar throughout life.


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