How To Get Shredded Fast: Easy And Effective Cutting Tips

Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry—no patience, no time for anything; even where weight management and fitness are concerned. To top it, some look for fast weight gain, some for fast weight loss, some for fast muscle building, and some for fast shredding. It seems our body is a machine, and one push at a few buttons, such expectations would fall in place immediately.

It is not so; like we pray every day, year after year, no matter what comes our way, we need to take care of weight management in a similar manner. Sadly, this is where we go slack because we feel fit and fine even when we are overweight.

I will not talk of traditional dieting here because its planning, preparation, execution takes a lot of time. And it is equally difficult to stick to such a diet on a regular basis.



I have a few effective cutting tips that can help you get shredded fast. These tips for cutting are easy to follow and will keep you on the right track of your fat loss regime.

how to get shredded fast


  • How to Get Shredded Fast #1: Track what You Eating

What you eat (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) in a day needs to be tracked—maintain a notebook for this. It will help you realize whether you ate all wrong foods in one given week, or it was 50-50, or you ate mostly the right foods that would help you to shred fast and you are on right track of your fat loss regime. Also, keep a close monitor on the hours you are on empty stomach—meaning, you are feeling hungry but you are avoiding eating.

Never give long gaps between meals; this is a fatal mistake made by many. They think that if they go empty stomach for long, they will shred fast. In reality, too much empty stomach will lead to body fat gain.

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #2: Take Time to Eat

Whenever you sit to eat, take time to chew the food well before you swallow it. Don’t just gulp down food because you feel you have no time to give to eating. Also, when you pay no attention to your eating, you can as well end up overeating. This is a reason why we recommend not to eat your meals, your snacks, whatever, in front of computer or TV.

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #3: Once-a-Week Cheat Meals

There is no harm in cheat meals once a week. But make sure too many cheat meals are not eaten in a week. Also, keep a track on the amount you would eat. Cheat meals do not mean you keep stuffing yourself—as if all week you were fasting and you have suddenly got a chance to eat!

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #4: You are What You Eat

Never play the blame game when you do not get fast shredding results—never be egoistic. Always remember you are yourself to be blamed for making your health or breaking your health. Surely, you have gone wrong somewhere with your diet (daily meals) and exercising.

Have the heart to take the blame on yourself, hold yourself accountable and rectify it as soon as you can.

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #5: Don’t Go HYPER about Calories

Yes, to get shredded fast, you need to be aware of the calories you are consuming, and how a little calorie cut down can really help. But it does not mean you are going to go ‘hyper’ about it!

How will you go about ‘calorie’? Suppose, for example, you generally consume 2000 cal. Now, to shred fast, you have been told to reduce your calorie intake. In this case, do not cut down on calories drastically. From 2000 cal, you can come down to 1600-1650 cal—OVER TIME and not overnight.

Steer clear from high calorie food at any point of the day.

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #6: Stop Too Much Cardio

If you think that doing too much cardio would help you to shred fast, you need to think again. Yes, cardio exercises are good for fat loss and you need to be strategic about it; never go overboard with it. Too much cardio proves to be very detrimental to any fat loss regime. Would you want to lose your muscles also? NO.

You may lose fat/weight with cardio and dance about telling people that you have lost a lot of weight. But your muscles will go for a six!

Talk to any expert trainer and know how effectively you can do cardio (without losing muscles) in 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis after you complete your weight/strength training.

  • How to Get Shredded Fast #7: Strength/Weight Training

Never give up on strength training/weight training if you want to shred fast. The more you will strengthen your muscles, the more would be fat cutting. It is necessary because ‘cardio only’ will lead to muscle loss.


How to get shredded fast is all about self-control, discipline, patience and time. To get excellent shredding results, you have to be strict with yourself.


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