How to Lose Fat Faster? It is High Time for You to Know

How to lose fat faster is a question asked by most gym-goers. Say, out of 10 people joining a gym, 7 look for losing fat/weight, 2 look for gaining weight and muscle mass, and 1 look for weight maintenance or just staying fit. This is the general gym scenario these days.

But sadly, out of the 7 who go to the gym, none can lose fat faster. Why? What can be the reason(s)? They are trying to control portions, trying to eat healthy, trying to be gym-regulars; months pass but “lose fat faster” does not happen.

WHY? Where are they going wrong? Is it the food they are eating, or the workouts/exercises they are doing, or… what?

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How to Lose Fat Faster?

Don’t be disheartened; let us read further to find out the reasons that would help you in fast fat loss:

  • How to Lose Fat Faster #1: Start Clean Eating (+ 1 Cheat Meal a Week)

Everyone is talking about it nowadays. What is this “clean eating” or “eating clean” (whichever way you call it)? Is it ‘cleaning’ the food with water or any solution before eating it?

hahahahahaha….. NO.

Clean eating (or, eating clean) is about giving up on your bad, unhealthy, non-nutritious eating habits and choosing the healthiest and best food options like healthy fats, healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and the likes.

BUT again clean eating, week after week, is not done. So, to pep up, what you can do is have a cheat meal once in a week; this is mainly to balance/reset the leptin level. Let me explain it in layman’s language—what happens is while losing fat, the leptin level falls significantly. It is interpreted as “starvation” signal by the brain. Thereafter, changes take place, the fat loss process suddenly stops and in no time, the lost fat is regained.

My suggestion: For a cheat meal, don’t do it in the weekend. Instead, have a cheat meal, say, on Wednesday or Thursday. Why this is so? Because in many cases I have seen that people having a cheat meal on Sunday, end up eating more than one cheat meal and when Monday comes, the very thought of having clean meals play havoc—they want to stick to their cheat meals! For clean eating, your meals should include whole foods (refined and unprocessed) like vegetables, fruits, whole grains. To know more about whole foods, read here.

  • How to Lose Fat Faster #2: Stop Doing ‘too much’ of Cardio

Yes, you read it right. People who want to lose fat, especially, belly fat think that cardio is the only solution for them to achieve fast fat loss, and get a flat belly. This is totally a wrong notion; in fact, too much of cardio will have bad effects on health in the long run.

Really? Why is too much of cardio wrong?

Long useless cardio sessions elevate the cortisol (stress hormone) levels; this, in turn, lead in gaining belly fat and weight. Not only this, too much of cardio is very tiring and leads to break down of muscles and increase in free radicals’ production.

What are free radicals?

These are molecules that damage our body cells and cause inflammation (chronic). And this inflammation leads to many serious health problems.

My suggestion: If you don’t want to go to a gym or do strength training at a gym, do bodyweight exercises at home. What you would need is a pair of dumbbells and may be, a mat. To know more about bodyweight exercises, read my following articles and you can frame your own schedule.

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  • How to Lose Fat Faster #3: Stop eating Breakfast That’s High on Carbs

There are many healthy breakfast options available but these are very high on carbs. “Healthy” food does not mean it is low on carbs. And if your goal is to lose fat faster, then STOP eating breakfast that’s high on carbs.

I am sure you have heard about “cortisol” and “insulin”; and if these are spiked after you have breakfast that’s high on carbs, the consequences on your health would not be good.

My suggestion: Instead of breakfasting on oats and other such “healthy” food that’s high on carbs and would not help you to lose fat faster, have eggs, avocados, nuts, and the likes that would help in achieving your fat loss goal. The end line is that you should have more of protein and fat, and very little carbs for breakfast.

Wrap Up

How to lose fat faster is easier said than done. Exercises, clean eating, healthy lifestyle, keeping hydrated and 7-hour sound sleep—all add up if you want to lose fat faster. Neglect any one factor, and you will see no effective fat loss result. Remember that gaining fat is easy; losing fat is most difficult. At the end of the day, it is all HARD WORK.


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