How to Lose Weight & Save Money While Doing It?

Two of the most common of New Year questions are: how to lose weight and how to save more? But, did you know that by losing weight you can save money at the same time? It is the ultimate multitaskers’ perfect solution.

According to research in behavioral psychology, excessive spending and eating have similar characteristics. Both of these satisfy the same compulsions in the human brain and hence, by dealing with one, you can achieve the ultimate in killing two birds with one stone. By actively trying to lose weight, you will find that you save money.

How to Lose Weight by Saving More

How to Lose Weight & Save More?

The following are some of the ways lose weight and save money while doing it.

#1 Save Money by Using Coupons to Buy Sports Equipment

What better way to start off your lose weight and save money than by using coupons to buy the home gym or running equipment you have been putting off forever.

Online sporting goods stores such as Academy Sports and Big 5 Sporting Goods have some of the best deals on coupons and discounts for sporting equipment and accessories.

Academy Sports provides a great opportunity to take up sports as you can get almost all. Big 5 Sporting Goods offers loyalty programs and gift cards that allow you to purchase sports equipment at affordable prices saving you money and helping you lose weight. You can get Academy equipment and accessories at 20% to 75% discounts and free shipping.

#2 Create a Tight Budget

Nothing creates self-control better than a budget. If you are serious about attaining your weight loss and money saving goals, you need to track your spending and consumption carefully.

Buy a notebook and write down your monthly expenditure including all the important things such as paying for utilities, entertainment, gas, mortgage, and groceries. It works better if you put aside money for these essentials and spend no more once you are through the amount set aside.

If you are successful in controlling your monthly spending, you can do the same for your weight loss goals by restricting your calories limits. Moreover, by making a budget, and having a calorie limit, you are more likely to buy healthy food and avoid unnecessary snacks, helping you save money and lose weight at the same time.

#3 Eat at Home More

A study in the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics established that you eat on average 20 to 40 percent more calories when you eat out than when at home. With dining out typically more expensive than eating at home, you may find it harder to save if you eat out too often.

One of the finest ways to lose weight while saving money is to buy healthy food from the farmer’s markets and prepare it yourself. The food will not only be cheaper but also healthier, helping you lose weight.

#4 Leave the Car at Home

If you live in a neighborhood where you can walk to most of the places you need to go to, leave the car behind and jog, bike or walk to the grocery store. Gas expenses are among the biggest ticket items on your monthly expenses and by cutting down on this you will save a lot of money over the long term. Taking a bike ride or a walk to your favorite place with family or friends is a fun way of burning calories while reducing your expenditure.

#5 Get in With an End Goal

Let’s face it, most of your failures in saving money or losing weight can be attributed to having too vague goals. If you have not set a goal such as lose 5 pounds a month or save $200 a month, achieving such goals would be difficult, if not downright impossible.

One of the best ways to do this is creating a step-by-step plan to get to the end goal. For instance, if you need to invest some money in purchasing a condominium or lose some weight before the class reunion, you need to set specific goals.

You should determine your end goal then calculate how much adjustment you need to do either incrementally or at a fixed amount every set period to achieve it.

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