10 Most Ineffective Exercises At the Gym

The fitness industry on the Net has saturated down so much that people looking up for fitness, weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, fat gain and the likes get thoroughly confused and misled. To clear this out, given below are 10 most ineffective exercises at the gym; these exercises are nothing but time wastage.

I have also given 10 effective exercises as against the 10 ineffective exercises that would benefit you. All you need is to replace the 10 ineffective exercises with the 10 effective exercises.

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #1: Leg Extensions

An isolated movement, Leg Extensions do little to strengthen your upper thigh muscles. What about working out the multi-muscle, multi-joint groups? You need to work out your full legs, not just upper thigh.

Effective exercises: There is nothing more effective for legs than SQUATS. If you have knee issues, you can do quarter squats with legs shoulder-width apart and your feet should face straight… say, towards the mirror or wall. You can also do LUNGES and STEP UPS (on stepper).


Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #2: Stationary Bike/Stationary Cycle

The Stationary Bike/Stationary Cycle does not help to increase the heart rate to 60 (the minimum required to start any exercise regime). If your heart rate does not increase to the minimum rate, there is no use of doing any exercise thereafter. It will be sheer wastage of time.

Effective exercises: BODYWEIGHT (FREEHAND) EXERCISES like Jumping Jacks, Stepper, Static Jogging

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #3: Wall Sits

Wall Sits do not benefit in any way, as people think it benefits. Some fitness experts are of the opinion that this exercise must be done to improve your endurance and strength; no, this exercise is not the one for it.

Effective exercises: SQUATS, GOBLET BOX SQUATS

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #4: Weighted Side Bends

If you want to spoil your tapering sexy waist, then go ahead with Weighted Side Bends. Yes, some prefer it as a part of oblique exercises, but then, who wants heavy-set waist?

Effective exercises: To reduce your love handles/muffin tops, try RUSSIAN TWISTS, TWIST PLANKS, TWISTS ON ROMAN CHAIR. Even TWISTERS would help more than weighted side bends.

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #5: Hip Abduction Machine/Hip Abductors

If you think Hip Abduction Machine works all your leg muscles, think again. When you sit and workout on this machine for glute muscles, know that this muscle takes time to active, especially when you are in a sitting position.

Effective exercises: LUNGES, SQUATS

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #6: Lat Pulldown behind the Neck

Do you want to end up with injuries to your neck in the form of pulls, strains and tears? Even with injuries to your spine? I know that many gym trainers make sure that you do Lat Pulldown behind the Neck. This time, just say ‘no’ when he asks you to do so. Well, the choice is yours.

Effective exercises: WIDE GRIP LAT PULLDOWN, CLOSE GRIP LAT PULLDOWN, REVERSE GRIP LAT PULLDOWN. Tip: While pulling the lat down, do not bring the bar to the sternum; instead, raise up your sternum to the bar. In the process, you do not have to lift yourself up from the seat. Keep seated in an upright posture, without leaning back.

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #7: Mountain Climbers

I still don’t understand why people (especially women) do Mountain Climbers. Seriously. This exercise does much harm than what meets the eyes. Not only it stresses on your shoulders and wrists, this exercise is an excellent way for you to be fatigued in no time. And if this happens, you will not feel like doing other exercises that you are scheduled to do after this exercise.

Effective exercises: TOWEL SLIDES, LEG PLANKS

Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #8: Bench Press with Feet Elevation/Feet Elevated Bench Press

Recently when I saw a few guys at my gym do Bench Press with Feet Elevation, it made me wonder why were they trying to exercise the core in such a fashion! Come on, it is Bench Press, for heaven’s sake; concentrate on it. More so because you are benching heavy. Exercising core at the time of bench press is most dangerous!


Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #9: Squats using Smith Machine/Smith Machine Squats

Another useless and ineffective exercise is squatting on Smith Machine. What a wastage of time!


Ineffective Exercises At The Gym #10: Leg Press

If you want your legs to just move in one direction, then do Leg Press. How much effect will a single plane exercise have on your legs? Have you ever thought about it? What about muscles stabilization?

Effective exercise: SQUATS—there is no other leg exercise as effective as squats. It is the best.


The above 10 ineffective exercises are very common and holds high place in most gym workout schedules. Not only these exercise are most ineffective, these are also useless and time wasters. Now you know what’s to be done and what’s not to be done.

All the best.


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