Weight Loss Pills: MERATOL Review

Weight Loss Pills Meratol Review: An Introduction

Since its launch in 2011, Meratol weight loss pills, an advanced weight management complex (diet supplement) manufactured by the Advanced Health, has been used as calorie and cellulite reducer, metabolism accelerator, carb blocker and calorie burner by many round the world.  Helping in reducing your cravings for food, Meratol is an excellent advanced weight loss diet supplement in the form of weight loss pills.

Weight Loss Pills

Just one Meratol is known to have the power to enhance all your weight loss aspects.

Meratol weight loss pills are also well-known to increase alertness, attention and energy, and help in reducing tiredness and fatigue. Meratol takes care of these in your otherwise hectic and busy lifestyle where keeping up with good health is next to impossible.

On the whole, Meratol weight loss pills help you lose your excess weight (with no dieting—meaning, you can enjoy all the food you love), and at the same time, help increase your endurance, make you sleep better, gain your energy and sharpen your mind.

Though quite underrated because it is all-natural (people expect weight loss supplements to work overnight and also, they feel that it may or may not produce the desired weight loss results), Meratol is indeed “one of its kind”—you need to try this out if you want weight loss without any side or negative effects.


Remember that Meratol weight loss pills are NOT meal replacements; they are diet supplements to be taken alongside your regular healthy balanced meals.

Weight Loss Pills Meratol Review: Active Ingredients

  • Brown Algae (from seaweed)

Used as an appetite suppressant, LIFE’s (Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen) research states that brown algae boosts satiation—making people eat less and thereby, losing weight. In other words, brown algae create “artificial fullness” inside the stomach.

  • Cactus Extract

With its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this extract is known to speed up the weight loss process and lower cholesterol.

  • Cacti-Nea

A natural diuretic (that drains out excess fluid and water from the body), it is excellently helpful for people whose body have the tendency to retain water. It also helps in reducing cellulite.

  • Caffeine

Our body requires 200 to 300 mg caffeine per day. Above 420 mg and below 160 mg is dangerous for health. Caffeine provides a boost to your energy level and keeps you active throughout the day, when otherwise you would feel lazy and lethargic. The amount of caffeine used in Meratol meets your daily caffeine requirement.

  • Prickly Pear (Cactus)

Containing pectin and fiber, this plant helps in lowering blood glucose by decreasing sugar absorption in both the stomach and intestine. Once the sugar absorption decreases, carb absorption also lowers. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. It is an effective fat binder—prevents fat from being absorbed in the body.

  • Capsaiciinoids

Capsaicin is known to be present in red pepper. It helps to increase the metabolic rate (BMR—Basic Metabolic Rate) while your body is at rest. This increase in BMR helps in burning more fat than you would lose while undertaking any physical activity.


Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills Meratol Review: Side Effects

Meratol weight loss pills are known to have no negative and dangerous side effects because they are all-natural and safe product. Just avoid taking these weight loss pills during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Meratol weight loss pills are reported to bring down your weight by 5 lbs in 1 week!

Weight Loss Pills Meratol Review: Conclusion

Meratol weight loss pills have been designed in such a way that they easily gel with your healthy balanced diet and regular exercise regime. With no so-called negative effects, Meratol is a genuine diet supplement and is worth a try. Make sure you do not skip meals thinking it would fasten up the pace of your weight loss.

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