Most Common Training Terms – Everyone Must Know

In the world of exercises or workouts, many training terms are used that many people are either not aware of or they simply are not clear of the meaning. Do not worry… just read on and you will know what I am talking here.

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Interval Training, Cardiovascular or Cardio Training, Circuit Training, Anaerobic Training, Strength Training, Cross Training, Repetitions & Sets, Plateau, etc.  are but a few of the training terms used more or less on a daily basis.

A person—thin, overweight or obese—into regular exercises must know these terms and their meanings thoroughly.

7 Training Terms that are Most Common

Let us quickly find out what these training terms mean.

  • Training Terms #1: Interval Training

It is a structured and rigid training that alternates between slow recovery phases and bursts of high intensity. Although this type of training involves quite an increased performance, make sure that your do not over train.

  • Training Terms #2: Cardiovascular or Cardio Training

It is that training where oxygen is used as fuel in increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and improving the functions of the lungs and the heart.

  • Training Terms #3: Circuit Training

It is a fast-paced exercise or workout routine that builds endurance and stamina, and includes cardio stations and muscle strength. This consecutive training has typical 5-10 exercises with 3-4 reps that do not duplicate same muscle groups.

  • Training Terms #4: Strength Training/Resistance Training

This type of training is very important and necessary for loss of fat, strengthening of bones, toning of muscles, and improvement of blood circulation. Bodyweight, machines, free weights, bands, etc. are used in this training. It surely helps in increasing your metabolism level.

  • Training Terms #5: Cross Training

This training involves you in exercises or activities that are in addition to the routine you normally follow. The best part of such training is that it helps you from overusing your muscles and avoiding any injury. Overall, your performance gets enhanced.

  • Training Terms #6: Repetitions & Sets (Reps & Sets)

In any workout regime, repetitions mean “how many times an exercise should be performed”. On the other hand, sets mean “how many cycles of the same exercise should be followed”.

  • Training Terms #7: Plateau

A plateau happens when your workout/fitness program—performance, or strength gain, fat loss—comes to stop apparently though physiological changes keep taking place in your body. This is when you need to think of revving up your program by bringing a change to your routine so that you can get most benefit out of the program.

As I have said earlier, there are many other training terms used by fitness trainers or coaches. The above mentioned are very common training terms. If you want to know details of other training terms, searching the Internet and/or asking your trainer or coach would be the best option(s).

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