6 Blunders Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat: Give It A Thought

Why you are not losing body fat depends on the blunders most of you commit on your fat loss journey. You need to take care of 6 blunders for which you keep wondering ‘why there is no fat loss’. Know that these fat loss blunders are hindering you from getting a strong, lean physique with low body fat percentage.

why you are not losing body fat

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #1: Total Dependence on Gym Machines

You are someone who gyms regularly, and totally dependent on gym machines. Somewhere at the back of your mind you think that only these machines can help you in fat loss. You must know that gym machines restrict your motion ranges which, in turn, do not allow your muscle fibers to activate fully. Thus, you will end up with less muscle definition, less fat burning, and excessive joints strain.

What to do: Combine few gym machines, and bodyweight exercises.

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #2: Doing Too Much Sit Ups & Crunches

To get defined abs, you think that high reps and sets for sit ups and crunches, that too daily, would be very effective. In fact, these exercises neither help in core fat burning nor give any definition to abs muscles; forget six pack abs! Abs exercises, to tell you frankly, are simply time wastage.

What to do: Exercises that would help strengthen you core, while burning the stubborn fat.

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #3: Doing Same Exercises Each Day

You are doing same exercises day after day, week after week. You will not make any progress and hit plateau very soon.

What to do: Keep rotating your exercises. This will bring great result and at the same time, will not let boredom set in.

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #4: Deliberately Staying On Empty Stomach For Long

There are many people, especially women, who think that staying on empty stomach for long would help in fat loss and give them hour-glass figure. The more you stay on empty stomach or you try to deliberately kill your hunger, the more you will end up with unnecessary health hazards. Would you like that?

What to do: Have breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-evening snack, dinner on time; eat proper but in moderation. DIET is the KEY to fat loss. Here, “diet” means your daily meals.

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #5: Doing Too Much Cardio

If you think you will make progress in fat loss if you do too much cardio daily, you are in for trouble! Yes, cardio helps in fat loss but you need to know which cardio exercises would accelerate fat loss and how much (time) cardio you need to do. Too much cardio will result in muscle loss, low stamina and tremendous fatigue. And do you seriously want to lose muscles? Give it a thought.

What to do: Cardio for 20-25 minutes, 2-3 times a week will do the trick. Of course, you must strength train as well.

  • Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat Blunder #6: Doing Isolated (one muscle at a time) Exercises

Rectify this blunder ASAP. You will get nothing out of working out one muscle at a time; it will be wasting your time. Isolated exercise does not make any sense. Do exercises that would stimulate more muscles and involve more energy expenditure per exercise; this would result in fat loss and gaining lean muscles.

What to do: Circuit training is best.

Wrap Up

Now you know why you are not losing body fat? These blunders make people give up their fat loss program half way, and what happens? They end up with more body fat percentage. I hope this article is an eye-opener for you, and that you will take proper care and rectify the fat loss blunders once and for all.

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