5 Reasons for not Losing Weight

Have you ever wondered why you are not losing weight? At the initial stages, a couple of pounds get shed; thereafter, the weighing scale seems to get stuck. Isn’t the situation very frustrating? You are doing workouts like MAD! 6 days a week! You are eating right, you are not cheating yourself, and LO! No result!!!

Hey… wait, I can feel your frustration building up!  Others are losing weight but you aren’t…


Just think—use your brain. Where are you going wrong? It may be that it is not your fault at all… you have every parameter for weight loss in place. This can only mean that subconsciously or unknowingly you are doing something that is not helping you in losing weight.

Let’s take a peek at the 5 reasons for not losing weight.

not losing weight

Not having 6 to 8 hours of sleep, not drinking enough water, not working towards stress-free life, not changing your unhealthy lifestyle, not supported by your family, not concentrating while exercising—these are some important reasons but the most vital 5 are:

Not Losing Weight #1: Staying Empty Stomach for Long Hours

Due to work or study pressure, you are not able to find out time to have your meal. This happens particularly during breakfast. 80 percent of people try to skip breakfast and have brunch (breakfast and lunch together).

DON’T DO THIS… if you think staying empty stomach would help you lose weight, you need to seriously think again. All you will end up with, after 2 to 3 years, are acidity, gas and bloating issues—liver problems.

Not Losing Weight #2: Overdoing Cardio Exercises

It is a very common trend in the gyms that once an overweight or obese person enrolls, the first exercises assigned would be stepper, jumping jacks, jump in place, high knee jumps, side bends—typical! And that too, you are asked to do 50 reps, 100 reps at one go. Yes, these exercises are excellent but just imagine, for someone who has never done exercises before or tries to run away from them, what would happen to them?

Secondly, let’s say you somehow manage to get used to these… then what? Are you going to keep doing 300 reps each exercise daily and over-tire your body?

In one gym I had visited recently, there was a woman, about 40, who had come to lose weight because she was obese. As soon as she entered, she started with her warm up. I asked her what her daily routine was. This is what she said…… 100×4 Jumping Jacks, 100 x 4 Jump in Place, 75 x 4 Side Bends, 100 x 4 High Knee Jumps, after which she was to do 50 x 4 Leg Raise and 50 x 6 Decline Crunches. There was no strength training or any such training in her schedule. She also told me that this routine was very strenuous for her and that initially she had lost about 3 kg… and thereafter, four months now, she has not lost a single kilo. To add to her woes, her bat flaps has increased; she has not got the desired result with her love handles/muffin tops.  

Hearing this, my jaws dropped! What?! I asked the trainer what sort of routine was that? He said, “Ma’am, you don’t know. People like her need to follow such routines daily; then only they will lose weight.”

When I told him, “But Mr. …, she is not losing any weight. She is just overtiring herself. Also, at her age and that she is obese, she is not supposed to jump so much at one go,” he replied coolly, “What can I do? They exercise here, and once they are at home, they indulge in wrong foods. Only cardio jumps can help them in losing weight.” He walked away.

Cardio, to some extent, is required. I agree… but overdoing cardio would (a) not make you lose weight in the long run, (b) bring in fatigue, (c) weaken your muscles, (d) not help in total body recovery that may pose threats to your health at a later age.

Not Losing Weight #3: Overeating Healthy Foods

Once you learn about healthy foods, you are now trying to overeat them thinking you can lose some quick weight!

Then, you are IGNORANT, I must say.

Overeating healthy foods would, in turn, make you gain weight. This overeating can be allowed in the case of thin/slim people who are trying to gain weight.

NOT YOU… remember, you are either overweight or obese. So, FORGET OVEREATING.

Not Losing Weight #4: Still Eating Unhealthy Foods

When you had started exercising and had lost a few pounds (though you are still overweight or obese), you think that eating unhealthy foods is okay with you.

Many people are of the wrong opinion: “If you are eating unhealthy foods, you better exercise an extra hour.” (I have heard doctors speak like this)

Oh dear! This is so wrong and negative! Then everyone in the world would eat wrong, jump start to exercising that would aid in losing weight, and not become overweight or obese!

STOP eating unhealthy foods if you seriously want to shed the unwanted fat.

Not Losing Weight #5: You think you know A to Z of Workouts—Stop the Blame Game

As a trainer, I face people who think they know everything about workouts… it happens especially when your friends and acquaintances, who are equally novice in workouts, try to fill your ears. And believe me, these are the people who have joined a gym for the first time in their life. And for the first time, they are exercising.

What happens is that when a trainer tries to guide them, they try to find fault in the trainers. They keep on doing the workouts incorrectly and when no weight loss happens after a month or two, they blame the trainers.

OR, worst come worst, say… if there are 2 trainers in a gym, when the 1st trainer tries to guide you, you say, “But the 2nd trainer has told me differently.” When the 2nd trainer tries to guide you, you say, “But the 1st trainer has told me differently.”

STOP PLAYING THE BLAME GAME and concentrate on your exercises/workouts.

Remember that the trainers will not lose anything. It is YOU who will suffer finally. A trainer is your GURU, and you must respect him/her and what you are being taught, and not try to play one trainer against the other trainers and waste your time.


There you go! These 5 are most common reasons for not losing weight. Take care, my friends, if you don’t want to end up with increased weight-related issues. Always remember that “health is wealth”. Without good health, nothing can be achieved!


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