Top 5 Post Workout Meals

Whenever I coach at the gym, “What should be my post workout meals?” is a question asked by many gym comers.

Post-workout Meals

Post workout meals, either veg or non-veg, should always be a healthy combination of proteins and carbs, with the percentage of protein on the higher side—a MUST. Proteins are required to repair and build muscle tissues; carbs are required to replenish your lost energy and refresh you. Keep carbs percentage on the lower side as compared to protein.

Let me share with you the top 5 post workout meals that work the best, according to me. You must have post workout meals at least 45 minute to 1 hour after you complete your workouts. If you have these immediately (5 to 10 minutes) after workouts (many people do so without knowing what they are heading at or they are in a hurry to leave for work), you will gain weight in the long run.

  • Top Post Workout Meals #1: Chicken omelet + 1 to 2 toasts (optional)

Chicken omelet is nothing but omelet stuffed with boiled and shredded chicken. For post workout meals, all you need to do is beat 2 eggs (1 full egg + 1 egg white) with little oregano; to the boiled and shredded chicken, add little cinnamon powder, little salt and mix well. If you do not want to use cinnamon powder, use black pepper (crushed or powder).

Make omelet using little olive oil or little butter—non-stick pans would be better if you do not want to use oil or butter (I would personally suggest the use of olive oil or butter).

Where the optional toast(s) are concerned, you can use brown bread/whole wheat bread. If you are using olive oil or butter for making omelet, then do not butter the toast and vice-versa.

This post workout protein + carb combo, with a dash of vitamins and minerals, make excellent post workout meals.

  • Top Post Workout Meals #2: Yogurt (curd) with fruits

A top-of-the-world post workout meals, it is my all-time favorite No. 2.

Take fruits like banana, guava, apple, pineapple, berries—your choice should be little of any 2 to 3 fruits; cut them in bite-size slices. Take about 4 to 5 tablespoon yogurt (homemade or Greek or Nestle also would do). Beat it well by adding 1 tablespoon water (you may not want to eat it in thick form); it should have cream-like consistency (without any lumps). Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and in fruits.

Very filling, this post-workout meals is packed with nutrition.

  • Top Post Workout Meals #3: Chicken mince with veggies

This is yet another excellent post workout meals. Wash the chicken mince well; boil it but do not make it very soft. On the other hand, take your favorite veggies (in bite-size pieces) and blanch them (some veggies can be eaten raw also to get full nutrition—make sure to cut them in very little pieces). Put both mince and veggies in a bowl. Add olive oil, oregano/black pepper powder/other herbs, lime juice, little salt (optional); mix well. It is ready to eat.

A great combo of protein and carbs, I don’t feel you need an accompaniment (like bread, etc.) with this post workout meals if you make it a bowlful.

  • Top Post Workout Meals #4: Sauté veggies

Top-of-the-world post workout meals, it is my all-time favorite No. 1.

Take blanched broccoli florets, whole spinach leaves, bite-sized mushroom (optional), blanched bite-sized baby corn, bite-sized green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, and chopped celery/parsley. Mix all in a bowl.

Sauté in very little olive oil for few minutes by adding a pinch of cinnamon/a pinch of black pepper powder and 1 teaspoon dark soy sauce (this sauce is optional). Take off from fire and serve on a plate. You can add little lime juice (optional).

If you do not want to sauté the veggies, add little salt (optional), olive oil, a pinch of cinnamon/a pinch of black pepper powder, lime juice (optional) to the bowl of ready veggies and mix well.

As accompaniment to this post workout meals, you may have 1 or 2 slices of whole wheat/brown bread toast. But this is optional.

  • Top Post Workout Meals #5: Sliced banana on toast

Sliced Banana on Toast

If you love peanut butter and banana, this can be your favorite post workout meals. Take 3 slices of whole wheat/brown bread and toast them well (do not burn them). Peanut butter them using not more than 2 tablespoon and garnish with banana slices.

While there are other post workout meals in the form of low-fat drinks and smoothies, start with these 5 meals first. Do not have one post workout meals daily—keep changing them.

Post workout meals or any other meal for that matter, always remember to “eat in moderation”.

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