6 Post Workout Stretches: Easy and Effective Cool Down

After you complete your workout routine, you must do post workout stretches. As with warm up stretches, many people do not believe in cool down stretches. After they complete their workout routine, they will either leave the gym immediately or chat with the gym owner/trainer for a few minutes and leave. Some act smarter—once, a guy was about to leave the gym when I stopped him and told him to do the cool down stretches. His immediate answer: “I just worked out for 15 minutes today. I don’t need to do cool down stretches.”

Anyway, the post workout stretches mentioned here are the ones I do; more so because these are easy and effective cool down. These stretches are required to relax your worked up/overworked muscles. If you do not do the stretches, you may end up with muscle injury or heavy muscular pain.

Given below are 6 post workout stretches for you that I find are easy and effective cool down and would take a max 2-3 min to complete. Use a stop watch to find out how much time you would take for this cool down stretches routine.

Remember that while stretching, do not try to complete it in a hurry. Time for each stretch should be 40 sec. Get your form and posture correct.

Post Workout Stretches #1: Standing Toe Touch Stretch

post workout stretches standing toe touch stretch

Study the image. Do not stiffen your neck while stretching. If this standing toe touch stretch (same side—right arm touching right foot; left arm touching left foot) is difficult, you can do the standing toe touch stretch (opposite side—right arm touching left foot; left arm touching right foot).

Post Workout Stretches #2: Hip Flexor Stretch

post workout stretches hip flexor stretch

An awesome stretch, but get the form and posture right.

Post Workout Stretches #3: Standing Glute Stretch  

post workout stretches standing glute stretch

The image is self-explanatory. Make sure you do the squat properly with exerting much pressure on the supporting knee. If this is difficult, you can do some floor glute stretch.

Post Workout Stretches #4: Single Leg Calf Stretch

post workout stretches single leg calf stretch

Remember not to overstretch the calves. Take the help of a plate to do this stretch. Again, instead of single leg calf stretch, you can do both leg calf stretch. Ask me and I will say single leg calf stretch will be better.

Post Workout Stretches #5: Butterfly Stretch

post workout stretches butterfly stretch

As in the image, once you sit with this stretch, try to pull your feet toward you without you bending toward the feet. Maintain correct body posture.

Post Workout Stretches #6: Cobra Stretch

post workout stretches cobra stretch

Instead of lying cobra stretch as shown in the image, you can do the standing cobra stretch. But again, lying stretch is better.


What do you think of the 6 post workout stretches that are easy and effective cool down? I am sure you will enjoy doing these cool down stretches.

NOTE: Do pre workout stretches before you start with your workout routine, and post workout stretches after you fully complete your workout routine. Even on rest day(s) or the day you do not exercise, you can do some stretches for 10 to 15 minutes at home. There is no harm in it—in fact, it is going to help you in the long run.


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