Push Ups: Proper Form of doing Push Ups

Push ups is an excellent resistance exercise (to me, it is the best!) that many people do in an improper form.

I remember once during my martial arts training days, I was somehow feeling very lethargic. When I told my coach to excuse me that day for not practicing, he looked at me for few seconds and said, “Okay… don’t practice; just do push ups! It will work your entire body.”

It is true… sometimes when you don’t feel like doing any workout, just do push ups. It is that helpful!

For people who are in the category of obese+, that is, morbid obesity, I would never personally recommend to do push ups. First you must reduce your BMI to 30; then only you can try doing push ups.

Push Ups

Push Ups: Basics

Push ups is a dynamic resistance exercise where your whole body—shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, core, thighs, butts, legs, calves, feet—is made to engage itself.

In other words, only your body weight is engaged when you do push ups—no fancy gym equipment.

Push Ups: Who should do it?

Anyone can do push ups—men, women, underweight, overweight, obese. It all depends on individual stamina and fitness level.

People with BMI 27 to 32 should do it (or try to do it) under strict guidance and supervision of an experienced trainer. Initially, it would be quite difficult for them but with time, they would also learn pushups techniques.

Age doesn’t much matter here. I have seen a 20-year-old doing it; I have also seen a 65-year-old doing it.

Overweight or obese men or women, who has a record of advanced osteoporosis but are keen on trying out push ups, you must take your physician’s clean chit to perform this dynamic resistance exercise.

Push Ups: How you do it?

It is quite simple… really. When you look at someone doing it, you are like, “OMG! It is so difficult!” but in reality, it is actually not as difficult as you would be made to think of it.

Basically, what you have to do is:

  • Put hands under your shoulders (should width apart or little wider than that) and take a plank position with your toes well fixed to balance the pressure of the body. A beginner (especially women) can start with bent knee push ups till the body can well adjust to normal or other push ups variations in plank form. Push Ups for Women
  • Inhale and start to lower your body (keeping head to heel flat like a straight line), looking straight. Do not bend your neck.
  • Graze the chest to the floor or may be, an inch off the floor.
  • Exhale while pushing up to the starting position.

As simple as that! Or is it? It is all physics, my friends. And let me tell you, even an experienced make mistakes in push ups.

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