Quick Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

Do you think it is that easy to change one’s eating habits and lifestyle overnight to lose weight? No, it isn’t. In fact, it is the most difficult part of any weight loss regime. You can bring exercises, walking, jogging, swimming, gym everything into your daily routine but the moment someone tells you or speaks to you about changing eating habits and lifestyle, the wall comes up immediately.

healthy quick snack ideasWe are not tuned to hear people telling us to change our eating habits. To tell the truth, we don’t want to change the habits and we come up with one excuse or the other.

When someone talks to us about change in eating habits, the first thing that comes to our mind is we may be asked to give up on food, that too, on the favorite ones.

Talk of snacks—In India, if a person is asked to give up on street savories like chowmein, samosas, kachouris, puris, jalebis that are taken as snacks, it is considered “sacrilege”! Tell that same person to take healthy snacks in place of these street savories—you will hear many out-of-this-world reasons why street savories are good.

Where these street savories are concerned, even people on weight loss won’t listen to you. “I am just eating one, that too after 7 days. How can it increase my weight?” is what you will hear.

It is high time the mindset gets changed and people on weight loss think of some quick snack ideas that will not only be filling, but be tasty, good for health and aid in more weight loss.

Given are the best 3 quick snack ideas for weight loss:

  • Quick Snack Ideas #1: Yogurt (dahi)

Great Snack Ideas Yogurt

Here, I am talking about that yogurt available in dairy or set at home. It is low in fat and high in protein. When you want to snack, just have a bowl (little) of it. If you feel that this little bowlful of yogurt won’t suffice your snack appetite, add some fresh berries to it.

  • Quick Snack Ideas #2: Nuts

Great Snack Ideas Nuts

At snack time, or when you want to snack, why have oily fried foods or other foods that are very high in fat and carb, and very little in protein? Full of fiber and protein, a handful of nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts would provide healthy fat required by your body.

  • Quick Snack Ideas #3: Fruits

Great Snack Ideas Fruits

I personally feel that fruits make great snack. Full of natural sugars and other nutrients, one or two apples, or pears, or bananas or peaches make great healthy snack—even watermelon, berries, grapes.


These quick snack ideas would give you some idea why snacking is required while on weight loss regime.

As usual, do not go overboard with snacking, even if it is yogurt, nuts or fruits.


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