RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review

Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufacturer of RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars, is a healthy lifestyle company situated in Vikhroli (W), Mumbai, India.

Eazy Slim Herbal Bars

End April 2015, I was sent some RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars as trial (as I deal mostly with weight loss and fitness) and writing a review thereafter.

By the way, there are two other variants of RiteBite herbal bars—Eazy Immune (for Immunity Management) and Eazy Calm (for Stress Management).

RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review: Main Ingredients

Excellent weight management bar, RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal bars have 4 main ingredients that help in weight loss:

  • Guggul (100 mg—1.25% guggulsterones)

Guggul has traditionally been used since thousands of years for effective weight management, especially weight loss.

  • Yerba Mate (100 mg—3.5% xanthines)

Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants and is reported to support body composition management.

  • Green Tea (100 mg—22.5% catechins)

Green Tea is believed to boost metabolism and help burn fat.

  • Garcinia (100 mg—30% hydroxycitric acid)

Garcinia has ingredients that are reported to support fat metabolism.

RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review: Nutrition Facts

These weight management and heart healthy bars have great nutrition in them.

1 bar: 50 g;    Serving: 1 per day (best as mid-morning or mid-evening snack)

Calories                179

Protein                 13.0 g

Net carb               11.0 g

Other nutrition facts include total carbs (27.0 g); dietary fiber (11.0 g); sugars (0.9 g); polyol (4.8 g); total fat (6.0 g); saturated fat (0.8 g); transfat (0 g); cholesterol (0 mg); vit A (10%); vit C (10%); calcium (8%); and iron (5%).

RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review: Results

My result was FANTASTIC where inch-loss is concerned. To tell the truth, I had NO WEIGHT LOSS (not even 500 g); my bodyweight remained the same. The best part is my bodyweight did not increase.

In my opinion, RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars would work great for Endomorphs. Mesomorphs would have inch loss but the bodyweight will more or less remain the same. Ectomorphs should not consume these bars.

RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review: Side Effects

There was no side effects, as such. In fact, I used to feel good after eating one. But yes, on 3 or 4 occasions, I had felt hungry after an hour of eating it. This can be because of the advanced level of gym workouts I do.

RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars Review: Sum Up

If you are an Endomorph or Mesomorph, if you are very active or least active, you must try out RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars. As they are totally herbal, you need patience to see the result. Don’t expect miraculous weight loss overnight!

Type 2 diabetics can have these bars.

Keep a check on balanced nutritious diet, correct water intake, 6 to 8 hr sleep, regular exercise and less stress, and you will get great results.

Read about one of the company’s best and best-selling products RiteBite Max Protein Bars.

For more detailed information and buying RiteBite Eazy Slim Herbal Bars, contact marketing@naturellindia.com.

Best for Endomorphs, followed by Mesomorphs.


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