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A healthy lifestyle company in Mumbai, Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd., naturellindia for short, had approached me for trialing their protein bars and write reviews. The company manufactures and markets their products—protein bars, healthy snacking bars, diet bars and herbal protein bars—under the name “RiteBite”.

With a strong vision and mission, naturellindia is leading the Indian market with their RiteBite protein bars.

Frankly, I fell for the bars the moment a representative from the company called me, briefed me on the bars, and asked me if I was interested in trialling these out.

“Yes! I am much interested in Max Protein Bars,” I had readily answered.

Now, why did I agree? Won’t you like to know?

RiteBite Reviews: Why Max Protein Bars?

RiteBite Choco Slim Max Protein Barss

Simple but very effective reasons:

  • Meal replacements providing “full” feel
  • Eaten between meals, they act as appetite controller
  • Great boosters of energy – pre-workout
  • Great energy support – post-workout
  • Excellent snack “on-the-go”
  • Presence of electrolyte prevents dehydration
  • Amino acids help boost immune system, manufacture hormones, synthesize RBCs, repair damaged tissues, repair wounds, manufacture enzymes

The representative said that she would send little of three variety of max protein bars. She described each bar to me, in brief, and said that certain ingredients like soy and whey protein concentrate, rolled oats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, amino acids and antioxidants are common in all three. What varies are the flavors and other ingredients that are separately used in each.

RiteBite Reviews: Max Protein Bars Description

  • RiteBite Max Protein Bar – Honey Lemon: An excellent blend of honey and lemon, it would taste sour, little crunchy and sour. It is mouth-puckering.
  • RiteBite Max Protein Bar – Choco Slim (sugar free): Nutty, crusty and crispy, the chocolate used is quite bland without giving any sugary feel.
  • RiteBite Max Protein Bar – Choco Fudge: Only nuts and chocolates! Appetizing and keeping you full. But the chocolate does not override the other ingredients used.

Hearing this, I told the representative that I wanted to try “Choco Slim”. More so because it is sugar free.

RiteBite Reviews: Choco Slim Max Protein Bars Ingredients

Whey protein concentrate, soy concentrate and nuggets, calcium caseinate, maltitol, edible vegetable oil, wheat fiber, fructo oligo sacchrides, fructose, rolled oats, almonds, cashew nuts, glycerine, flaxseeds, sucralose, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, edible gum (INS 412), emulsifying agent (INS 471 and INS 322), salt, citric acid, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Each bar also contains natural and nature identical flavors.

RiteBite Reviews: Choco Slim Max Protein Bars Nutrition Facts

1 bar: 67 g

Serving: 1

Calories         258

Total Carbs      31 g

Dietary Fiber   5 g

Sugars             4 g

Protein             20 g

Total Fat          10 g

Saturated         4 g

Polyunsaturated      0 g

Monounsaturated    0 g

Transfat   0 g

Cholesterol   0 mg

Vitamin A      50%

Vitamin C      25%

Sodium      125 mg

Potassium    7 mg

Calcium    25%

Iron       0%

In a nutshell, 1 bar has 20% protein, high fiber, zero added sugar, electrolytes, prebiotic, omega 3, 21 vitamins and minerals and amino acid (L-Glutamine and more).

RiteBite Reviews: Choco Slim Max Protein Bars Results

An active regular gym goer and sportswoman, I need to meet my daily protein requirement without fail. At the same time, I need to keep watchful eye on my low carb, fat and total calorie intake.

What I had done to try out Coco Slim Max Protein Bars (1 bar in 1 day) and the results thereafter:

  • I took it as meal replacement (breakfast): I workout in the early morning hours. So, I preferred taking it as breakfast within 30 minutes (by 8.30 am) after I completed my workout. I would down a glass of water or two after eating it.

         Result: I never felt hungry before my lunch time, i.e. about 12.45 pm. If I felt                 like having anything in between, I drank a cup of light black coffee (without                     sugar and milk). This bar is indeed filling and appetizing as meal replacement.

  • I tried it out as pre-workout booster: Twice I had gone for my field practice in the late afternoon, around 4.30 pm. So, I had taken it before leaving home.

         Result: By the time I returned home around 7.30 pm, I still felt full—in the                     sense that I did not feel like eating anything. I only drank water. Once I drank               light black coffee. It did not make me dehydrated. Thanks to the electrolyte!

  • I tried it as a snack: Twice I had it as snack, just to find out what it felt like.

         Result: It did not work on me. I don’t know why. Even after eating it, I would               feel hungry. I remember at one time, I had two bars, one after the other.

  • I never took it on the non-workout or non-sport days: These off days are basically to rest my body. I did not take it—I was on my normal food.

         Result: Once or twice I got a craving to eat the bars, but I controlled myself.                   Just imagine, these are so yummy!

  • I was told it is nutty, crusty and crispy: Indeed it is except for the “crispy” part.

         Result: It is not crispy in the correct sense of the word. Nor it is soft. It is                         somewhere in between—neither crispy nor sot.

  • I was told it is safe for diabetics: Yes, it is, 100%!

        Result: I was little hesitant to try it out because I am Type 2 diabetic. But all the            45 days I took to try it out and share results, my sugar level never fluctuated, not            even once. It is still at 99, fasting!

  • I was told it can aid in weight loss: Well, the word “slim” says so and the ingredients indeed help in losing weight.

        Result: There was no weight loss; but at the same time, I never gained weight,              not even half a kilo!

RiteBite Review: Choco Slim Max Protein Bars Side- and After-Effects

There are no side effects or after effects—not even a single one. More so because it is not a medicinal drug. In fact, if you suffer from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, these bars would help in clearing things out.

Keep in mind that you need to drink quite an amount of water after you eat this bar. It is because when you have protein, it makes you thirsty. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN IT.

RiteBite Reviews: Choco Slim Max Protein Bars Last Say

  • If you are a sportsperson, head straight for it.
  • If you are not a sportsperson, you can still eat it.
  • It is totally safe for Type 2 diabetics.
  • With certain parameters like balanced diet, correct water intake, 6 to 8 hours of sleep, and less stress, it can help you to lose weight. But, don’t bank on it.

For more detailed information and buying RiteBite Choco Slim Max Protein Bars, contact the company.

BEST FOR MESOMORPHS, followed by Endomorphs.


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