Strength Training Videos

This curated collection of strength training videos, for Chest, Legs, Back, Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps, will form an integral part of overall fitness program for both men and women. Remember that there is no such thing as “exercises for men” or “exercises for women”–exercises are not gender-biased.

Ultra Important Strength Training Tip

Often, exercises don’t give results because of faulty breathing technique. During strength training, remember to breathe freely while lifting weights. People think that they are breathing but they just hold in their breath. It is essential to inhale and exhale between each repetition.

# Strength Training Videos for CHEST

# Strength Training Videos for LEGS

# Strength Training Videos for BACK

# Strength Training Videos for SHOULDERS

# Strength Training Videos for TRICEPS

# Strength Training Videos for BICEPS


The curated collection of strength training videos for abdominal exercises will be given at a later date due to its heavy volume. So, what are you waiting for? Start strength training with the help of the above collection; make sure you learn the proper form and technique of doing each exercise.


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