5 Strength Training Myths that Affect Women

In this world, more or less everything gets divided as men’s and women’s; even strength training has not been left alone—these workouts are for men, these workouts are for women; men should do these, women should not do these, and so on.

Strength Training

What’s it all about? Who has started the myth that women cannot strength train? Why can’t women strength train like men? In fact, women need strength training more to lose fat and build lean muscles.

Let us take a look at 5 strength training myths that affect women in a negative manner. When a woman hears the myths, she thinks again and again whether she should actually start strength training. Believe me, strength training is of vital importance and women have to give minimum 25 to 30 min daily for such training.

5 Strength Training Myths Women should never Believe in

  • Strength Training Myth #1: Women should Train Differently than Men

What? Why is there such a bias? Nothing will happen when a woman trains the same as a man; in fact, she would start looking better and shapely. Yes… it is true. There is no “for women and for men” in strength training. This mean, women and men can do the same workouts, lift the same weights, and do the same reps and sets.

Do not let this myth affect you. There are many women who train same as men—visit any gym and see for yourself.

  • Strength Training Myth #2: Cardio is Best for Women

Excuse me… are we talking of women of 21st century or women of 10th century? In such a jet age where women are at par with men in many fields, why should they lag behind men in strength training? I know that cardio is necessary, but only cardio would not help. If this be the case, then no one would have opted for strength training—all would have only stuck to cardio.

So, all women out there… gear up and start strength training (if you have not started already). You will enjoy it more than cardio, and after 12 weeks when you see positive results on your body, you will fall in love with strength training!

  • Strength Training Myth #3: Lifting Heavy Weights is not for Women

Wait… wait… who has said lifting heavy weights is not for women? This is truly an out-of-the-world myth, I must say. It has been imbibed in women not to lift heavy weights because it would bulk them! When I started strength training women, they had shared this fear with me. Even women, who enroll new, share the same fear.

Let me tell you… when I do biceps, I use a pair of dumbbells that is 22 pound each. Does this mean that my upper arms have bulked or they look huge? NO WAY… in fact, my arms have become more shapely and stronger than before.

  • Strength Training Myth #4: It is never Meant for Older Women

There… another shocker… why should older women not do strength training, especially if they are capable of it? More a woman ages, more the muscles become weak that leads to more chances for bad health like bone related problems. So, to maintain good and strong muscles and bone density, what’s better than strength training!

Even if older women are not capable of strength training due to one little reason or the other, they should at least give it a try—there is nothing to lose.

Yes, it is true that if an elder woman has severe health conditions, in this case, she must consult her physician before she starts strength training.

  • Strength Training Myth #5: It is Strenuous for Women 

If strength training is not made strenuous, they how can women lose fat and build lean muscles? Under regular and proper guidance, strength training could never be strenuous for women. Women who says so have totally wrong opinion about strength training, again it is something that has been imbibed in them.

In fact, there are women who literally try to hide behind these myths for the simple reason that they are lazy and they come out with all sorts of excuses when they are told to start with strength training. If you are also one of them, think twice about your health and how good it would be if you start strength training.

What to Conclude from the Strength Training Myths?

Never shirk away from strength training. If you do not want to believe me, don’t… ask any fitness trainer or regular gym goers. They would give you the actual picture. Remember this–if you want to achieve a great physique, strength training is a must.

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