Top 10 Weight Loss Mantra to Chant Daily

Get one thing straight—if you stick to these weight loss mantra or follow these religiously (as one chants mantras on a regular basis without fail), not only your lifestyle would change from unhealthy to healthy, you will also derive great health benefits from weight loss.

Weight loss is of utmost importance—the main reason being “staying healthy” and not be a “bundle of diseases”. What happens is the more you become overweight and then obese, more you will invite diseases with closed eyes and open arms.

Now mind you, these diseases would not create any problem at the initial stages—you won’t even know that the diseases are making strong nests inside your body; as time goes by, the nests would break and you will come up with all sorts of complications that can sometimes be life threatening.

So, once you make up your mind (don’t take eternity for this) that enough is enough and you are going to lose weight, start with light exercises and follow the top 10 weight loss mantraI am going to tell you now.

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Top 10 Weight Loss Mantra

Before you read it, remember my mantra which I always chant to myself and to others—“eat/drink in moderation”. It is the KEY to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

No compromise here; no white coffee (with milk/cream and/or sugar). If you are in the habit of drinking gallons of white coffee, get rid of this habit immediately.

Black coffee has loads of antioxidants and increases metabolic rate by about 11 to 12% max. This, in turn, could help you in weight loss 10 to 29%.

Isn’t it great? But remember, max 5 cups per day; do not drink coffee after 6.30 pm as the caffeine content can disrupt your sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper or have difficulty in sleeping.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #2: Stay away from refined carbs

I know it is difficult to stay away from refined carbs as we feel “it helps our taste buds and we gain great energy from it”. If people tell us not to eat these carbs, we go on the rebound and eat these more! Such is human psychology.

Anyway, by refined carbs I mean sugar, pasta, white bread, refined flour savories, grains, etc. that are non-fibrous and have no nutrition value.If you cannot control yourself and die to eat refine carbs, make sure to eat these in little quantity and not on a daily basis.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #3: More protein consumption

The most important nutrient where weight loss and gaining muscle mass are concerned, diets high in protein boost metabolism as high as 100 calorie daily! Yes, it is true. The more you gain muscle mass, the more you will lose fat. No doubt the saying “muscles cut fat” is true to every word.

Now you know why you are not getting the desired weight loss results even after slogging yourself exercising/at the gym and having healthy food? It is because of low muscle mass.

Make sure you eat enough protein per day—0.8 g per 1 kg/2.2 lbs of bodyweight—and increase your muscle mass. For example, if you are 70 kg/154 lbs, you need to consume 56 g protein daily without fail—anywhere between 56 and 62 g would be ideal.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #4: Eat spicy Meals

Spicy meal is known to reduce appetite; meaning, spicy meal make you feel full. This in turn, will make sure that you do not feel hungry in the next 3 to 4 hours. It would help curb your whimsical eating.

Spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, and many others are excellent. But keep this in mind—never over-use or over-cook spices; also you should know how to use spices in the correct way.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #5: Stick to low-carb consumption

Low-carb consumption is much better and effective for weight loss than low-fat consumption. Studies show that if you are on low-carbs over a period of time, you can lose quite a lot of weight and your health would improve much.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #6: Get rid of your food addiction

There are people who react quite violently if you tell them, “Why do you eat so much at one go?” or “Why do you keep eating one thing or the other throughout the day?” or much worse “My god, you are really addicted to food.”

Immediately, a wall comes up; they would give you an irritated look and say, “Why shouldn’t I eat? My body needs it. What do you know about my body?” You keep quiet.

Interestingly, do these people actually know what their body wants? No. They say so because they cannot do without food at any point of time. They see any food and they want to eat it—whether they have had their lunch or dinner minutes before does not matter.

If you are one of them, get rid of your food addiction ASAP. You don’t know what is coming your way! Control your overpowering cravings. If you cannot do so no matter how you try, then you seriously need some help. More so because no matter how much you try, you will never lose weight with food addiction—it is either weight loss or food addiction.

Many have tried and failed miserably—now, the choice is yours!

  • Weight Loss Mantra #7: Drink enough water

Studies show that over 1 to 1½ hours, water boosts your metabolism by about 24% to 30%; thereby, burning few calories.

For every 20 kg/44 lbs of bodyweight, you need to drink 1 ltr water. Now you calculate for yourself how much water you need to drink according to your weight.

Yet another beverage that help you lose weight mainly by taking off the flabs (over time) from round your abdomen area, catechins (powerful antioxidants) and caffeine (in small amounts) present in green tea work together to enhance effective burning of fat.

Personally I feel that green tea as beverage is more effective than green tea as supplement. It has happened with me; but then, results can vary.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #9: Have viscous fiber

There are many articles on the Net that ask you to eat fibrous foods for weight loss. Know that not all fiber help in this regard. Studies say that viscous (or soluble) fiber helps in increasing satiety and keep your weight under check on long-term basis. Examples are legumes, oranges, oat cereals, flaxseeds, etc.

  • Weight Loss Mantra #10: Stop dieting immediately

It is very difficult to make people understand when I tell them not to be on some out-of-the-world diet.

Listen, can you be on a diet throughout your life? No, it is next to impossible and it is not feasible also. What happens is when you diet for a period of time and then go back to your normal eating habits, your body reacts to it and you tend to put on more weight.

Then, what is the use of dieting if you put on weight? Stop dieting; instead, eat healthy, follow the weight loss mantra and weight loss will be a natural process.

The other aspects for effective weight loss that you need to look into are replacing your breakfast with eggs (if you are vegetarian, with any source of good protein), use coconut oil (if not available, then olive oil) for cooking, cut down added sugar, use small plates (big plates make you pile more food), do both cardio and weight training, eat good amount of fruits and vegetables, take your time to chew food properly and get 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.


Now that you have read the top 10 weight loss mantra, what do you think? Can you not follow these simple tips, lose weight, and be fit and healthy?

Try… try… till you succeed.

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