Top 4 Nutrition Lies for Weight Loss

The Internet is full of nutrition lies for weight loss and misconceptions thereof; you name any and you will find nutrition lies for weight loss in plenty.

After carrying out researches for few months to find out the top nutrition lies for weight loss, I narrowed down the list to top 4 nutrition lies for weight loss. It was indeed a difficult task but no doubt eye-opener to us!

nutrition lies for weight loss


  • Top 4 Nutrition Lies for Weight Loss#1: Eat 5 meals a day

While training in martial arts, I had learnt that you should eat when you are actually hungry—when your body is asking for it and not when you feel like eating, or you are eating because your friends are munching on something. I am sure you are getting my point.

I believe in what the older generations used to say—eat three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. If each meal is in proportion to your daily requirement, you will not feel hungry between meals.

Yes, it is true. Eating 5 meals a day is indeed stuffing yourself with food, no matter how much you try to control the portions. Do not unnecessarily fill yourself with food. And if you think you always feel hungry or that you need frequent meals, then you need to consult a physician ASAP.

Try eating 3 nutritious balanced meals daily and feel the difference.

  • Top 4 Nutrition Lies for weight loss #2: Carbs will make you fat

If you don’t eat carbs, from where are you going to derive your energy for daily chores? And if you are into regular exercising, you will fall sick if you don’t eat carbs.

Carbs will not make you fat if you know which carbs to eat, and the quantity you need to eat.

For example, you must have read on the Internet that “white rice” is bad. Now, if you eat 3 to 4 tablespoon of white rice for lunch daily, it is okay. Nothing to fear. But if you eat one big bowl of white rice for lunch and dinner each, it will surely add to your body fat.

Basically, it is not the carbs that make you fat; it is the quantity of carbs you eat that makes you fat.

So, stop putting all the blame on carbs for your fat gain.

  • Top 4 Nutrition Lies for weight loss #3: Count your calories

This is too much! How can you count calories every time you eat? I cannot and so can’t you.

Okay… let’s say that the butter popcorn you had while watching a movie had 800 calories. How did you know this? Because you had read it somewhere. But do you know exactly how many grams of popcorn will have 800 calories?

Vice versa, you avoid eating butter popcorn because it has 800 calories. Again the same question here—how many grams would have 800 calories? Do you know?

What I am trying to say is every time you sit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, how can you accurately measure the number of calories you are consuming?

Is it really possible? That too… to an accurate flawless measurement?

NO… it is not. So the best option would be to be careful in what you are eating. If you know and you are sure that 100 g of potato chips is quite high on calorie, do not eat it.

As simple as that!

  • Top 4 Nutrition Lies for Weight Loss #4: Fruit juices are very healthy

Not at all, my friends, not at all. Fruit juices aid in weight gain over time. Why?


Yes… you know fruits contain sucrose, right?

Now, to make a cup of orange juice, you need at least 6 oranges. Imagine the sucrose content!

Whereas, if you replace this cup of orange juice and eat just 1 orange, then the sucrose that gets into your body is quite low.

You got it? Stop drinking fruit juices ASAP—homemade, or bottled, or at the fruit juice bar.

Start eating whole fruits, one a day.


There are many other nutrition lies flocking the Net but these top 4 nutrition lies for weight loss are my all-time favorite.

Before you get hyper about weight loss, and lose your mind on what to eat and what not to eat, consult a professional who would be able to guide you to a lean and fit you!


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