Top 5 Full Body Exercises for Weight Loss

For weight loss, you need to do full body exercises and not target some body parts—as simple as that.

To lose weight, you need to work really hard. Weight gain can occur easily; weight loss is really tough, if not toughest. Initially you will lose about 4 to 5 kg. Then it is like as if weight loss has got stuck. No matter what you do, the scale does not even go down 500 g.

I am not asking you to do workouts in a crazy manner or hit the gym really hard; all you need to do is believe in yourself that you can lose weight and achieve your weight loss goal.

Before I start, REMEMBER that how much calorie you would burn in an hour, depends on your body weight.

Given below are top 5 full body exercises for weight loss.

  • Full Body Exercises #1: Running

Always top on the list, this exercise is indeed the best provided you manage to run a few km every day. And what do you need for this? Running shoes… yes, that’s it.


Not only is it an excellent metabolism booster, it is “endurance training” where both your endurance and fitness get boosted.

If you have knee (or joint) problems, consult your physician because it is true that running can fall heavy on your knees. Still, if you want to do this exercise, start with slow jogging, and with time, increase the distance and speed. Your focus should be on “distance increase” first.

In an hour, running can burn about 330 to 665 cal. 

  • Full Body Exercises #2: Swimming

If you want to do an exercise that is low impact, and at the same time, will yield excellent result, then there is nothing better than swimming.


High metabolism booster and calorie burner, various styles (especially “breaststroke”) accompanied with a few laps daily would help you achieve your weight loss goal without actually sweating yourself away.

In an hour, swimming can burn about 485 to 985 cal. 

  • Full Body Exercises #3: Jump Rope

Some people call it “skipping” or “skipping rope”, jump rope is one sure way to lose the unwanted body fat. Like running, you need to start slow; that is, 20 jumps 4 sets. With time, you keep increasing the number of jumps.

Again, like running, jump rope can fall heavy on your knees (or joints). Best would be to consult your physician.

Jump Rope

Don’t try to force yourself by jumping quickly than required; it will only wear you out. Take your time to learn the exercise.

Please note: Suppose your body weight is 60 kg (10 kg more than what you should be), you can do jump rope. If you are more than 60 kg, I would personally suggest not to do this exercise. First reduce your body weight considerably, then you can think of jump rope.

In 10 minutes, jump rope (if done properly) can burn about 100 to 165 cal. 

  • Full Body Exercises #4: Weight Training

“Building muscle to cut fat”, weight training is one of the top 5 ways that would help you in weight loss. Most women confuses weight training with bodybuilding or bulking. NO, you are wrong.

Weight Training

Weight training will never bulk you—in fact, it will help in strengthening your weak muscles and shaping you up.

The more intense your training, the better for your weight loss.

In an hour, weight training (if guided properly and done in correct manner) can burn 270 to 550 cal. 

  • Full Body Exercises #5: Walking

If running is tiring, swimming is fear of water, jump rope is too much jump and weight training is bulky—YOUR EXCUSES, then try this all-time-favorite exercise.


Easy and safe, some experts believe that walking is a better option for weight loss as compared to running.

From socialization point of view, walking is not boring. You will always have one friend or the other, one acquaintance or the other to accompany you.

Make sure you don’t lose much energy talking/chatting!

In an hour, walking (without much talking/chatting) can burn about 125 to 255 cal. 


One or two other full body exercises for weight loss are (a) aerobics (390 cal/hr) and (b) cycling (500 cal/hr). These are effective, and as I always say, if done in the correct manner, these would yield great results.

Exercising for weight loss and gaining fitness level is nothing to get scared of. Accept the fact that you need to exercise, enjoy every moment of it, and look forward to positive results.

Exercising 3 days a week, and 20 to 25 minute per day is the minimum the health and fitness professionals recommend.


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