The Truth about Exercise: Nail in the Head!

The truth about exercise is something you could guess but you are not ready to mentally accept. It is not your fault; what you don’t want to hear or what you don’t want to do, your mind will always refuse to accept no matter how one tries to explain it to you. Well, I am not trying to give you a psychology lecture here. But it is true and you know it.

Let’s move on.

All this time, many of you (especially who are trying hard to lose fat or lose weight) have tried to make exercise a part of your daily life, a part of your daily regime. Sadly, you keep exercising and you do not achieve any fat loss or weight loss result! It is constantly in your mind that you need to be “fit” and this phobia has gripped you in such a way that you don’t even know whether the workouts you are doing are right for you and would benefit you in the long run.

When we do not get the fat loss or weight loss result that we long for, it is like driving a nail in the head! Yes, it is true. But why is it so? Because many of us are not aware of the reality… of the facts about exercise.

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truth about exercise

Today I will share with you some hard exercise facts which I believe everyone should know. It will then help you rethink why you are not getting any weight loss or fat loss result; thereafter, you can prepare yourself mentally to reach your goal.

The Truth about Exercise #1: ONLY exercises will never bring any changes to your body

Though it sounds unbelievable, sadly, it is true. If you think you will overlook other parameters and just keep exercising like mad, keep eating what you want, keep awake at night and work, sleep only few hours at night, then you are totally in the wrong. It is high time you make some constructive changes in your lifestyle if you want to really see good changes in your body.

The Truth about Exercise #2: Exercises do not involve every movement you make

Yes, you have read it right. If you think going from your bedroom to the kitchen is an exercise, you are wrong; if you think going from one cabin to the other in your office is an exercise, you are wrong.

For any movement to be counted as exercise, the minimum time required is 10 to 12 minutes. For example, you have parked your car about a kilometer from your office because you could not get a nearby parking, and you walk to your office—now, this movement will be considered an exercise.

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Truth about Exercise #3: You have to toil hard to workout

What actually happens when you exercise? Your heart beats faster, your muscles burn and you start sweating a lot—to put it in layman’s language. Right? Well, exercising is a hard physical activity. If it is not so, then what’s the use of exercising. Hence, if you think you can do few light movements, keep cribbing about not getting any result, keep blaming the trainers and the exercises, you are in for serious trouble.

Think of it this way—for your exams, you study hard, right? And why? Because you want excellent marks that will pave your career path in future. Similarly, you need to toil hard to workout for the result to pave your weight loss/fat loss path. You have to be regular at exercising, you have to take the pain, you have to be consistent, you have to work really hard—then only, you can accomplish the body you long for, the body you want.

The Truth about Exercise #4: STOP eating whatever you feel like

Now that you are exercising hard, you feel that eating anything (quantity-wise) would adjust with your fitness regime; you are totally in the dark! There are many people who think in this way, believe me.

My younger brother is quite overweight and you cannot comment anything on his eating habits. You can see a wall go up every time you try to tell him something. He is into daily workout but still his weight would not come down. You know what he does? One of his bad eating habits is that every day immediately after lunch, he would take 3 to 4 tablespoon of clarified butter (just like that because he feels he cannot do without it). You tell him it is wrong and pat comes his answer, “I will exercise for 15 minutes extra to adjust this overeating, but don’t stop me from taking clarified butter.”

Do you really think it gets adjusted? So, take this as a warning—STOP eating whatever you feel like, especially when you are on fat loss or weight loss regime.

The Truth about Exercise #5: ONCE you start exercising, you have to keep on doing it

This is the hardest truth about exercise you have to mentally accept, and the sooner you do so, the better it will be for you and your health. Once you start exercising, you cannot give up whenever you feel like. It is for the simple reason that when you achieve your weight loss or fat loss goal, would you not like to maintain it? So… you need to exercise for weight maintenance, isn’t it?

I have been exercising now for 45 years. At some point, I also felt like giving up thinking I have had enough and now that I am ageing, why do I need to carry on with my exercises. But when I think of the impact that “giving up” exercises would have on my mind and body, it makes me exercise more. And let me tell you, you will end up loving it just like I do.

Accept this truth and you will not be a loser.

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The Truth about Exercise #6: SEDENTARY lifestyle will never make you healthy & fit

You have to exercise if you want to come out of your sedentary lifestyle and lead a healthy & fit life. Now, you can say, “I don’t have sedentary lifestyle. I do all household work, go to the local market twice a week to buy grocery, etc.” (or) you can say, “I don’t have sedentary lifestyle. I have to go to office every day, work for 8 to 10 hours. When I return home, what else should I do? I have dinner and go off to sleep.”

Do you seriously count these as “exercises”? No, it is not so. People who exercise also do household work, also has a job, also go to the local market. These are simple excuses you are giving because you don’t want to come out of the lifestyle you are leading; you think are in a “comfort” zone.

In the process, this sort of lifestyle is making you overweight, making you lazy for any physical activity, making you crave for more food even though you may not feel hungry, and worst, it is making you unhealthy and sick from inside—you are literally ruining your mind and body. WAKE UP—please go out of the four walls and exercise. Don’t “invite” health hazards—diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL, heart-related issues—to your house. Try to stay away from these!


What do you conclude from “the truth about exercise”? Are these ‘the’ facts? Yes, no matter how you try to deny it, facts are facts. Keep these in mind and you will surely accomplish your goal. Have patience, and don’t jeopardize your healthy lifestyle only to end up with serious health issues.

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