Ultimate Plank Workout: Get Awesome Body

Engaging 20+ muscles, the ultimate plank workout is a total body exercise that helps in booty sculpting, core building, abs shaping and body strengthening. Unlike any other exercises, planks save you from back injuries. Plank is all about balancing your total body and exercising.

This plank workout can be done 5 days a week after your cardio or strength/weight training routine. If you do the workout properly, you will be burning about 600 to 900 calories.

You are going to do this plank workout in a circuit. This means from #1 to #10, you will perform each exercise as per the reps mentioned, one after the other, without any break. Do not forget 3-5 minutes warm up stretches before you start the ultimate plank workout, and 3-5 minutes cool down stretches.

Please maintain correct posture for each exercise. After completing 1 circuit, do elbow plank for 60 sec (hold). You are done with #1 to #10!

Ultimate Plank Workout #1: Elbow Plank

ultimate plank workout elbow plank

(60 sec hold)

While doing elbow plank, do not try to move your body. Balance and hold yourself for 60 sec.

Ultimate Plank Workout #2: Side Plank

ultimate plank workout side plank

(30 sec hold on each side)

Maintain the correct posture while doing side plank.

Ultimate Plank Workout #3: Bird Dog Plank

ultimate plank workout bird dog plank

(alternating; 20 reps)

This plank exercise is what you need to master. If you are new to it, take it easy and give yourself 2-3 days before you get the hang of it.

Ultimate Plank Workout #4: Side Plank with Bottom Leg Lifts

ultimate plank workout side plank with bottom leg lifts

(20 reps) (complete 10 on one side, and then 10 on the other side)

It is all about balancing your body. In the beginning, you may feel your arm is not supporting your body weight. After a few days, you can do it perfectly.

Ultimate Plank Workout #5: Alternating Plank with High Leg Ups

ultimate plank workout alternating plank with high leg ups

(alternating; 20 reps)

This plank exercise is easy. At least you have your arms to balance your body weight.

Ultimate Plank Workout #6: Reptile Plank

ultimate plank workout reptile plank

(alternating; 20 reps)

Have you ever seen a reptile in such a pose? Well, if a reptile can do it, why can’t you?

Ultimate Plank Workout #7: Plank Pose

ultimate plank workout plank pose

(60 sec hold)

This is like elbow plank but here, you plank with straight arms (and arms not bent at elbow).

Ultimate Plank Workout #8: Knee to Elbow Plank

ultimate plank workout knee to elbow plank

(alternating; 20 reps)

Try to bring the knee as near as your elbow.

Ultimate Plank Workout #9: Plank with Single Leg Kickback

ultimate plank workout plank with single leg kickback

(20 reps) (complete 10 on one side, and then 10 on the other side)

This plank exercise is easy. It is all about maintaining a balance.

Ultimate Plank Workout #10: Plank Frog Jump

ultimate plank workout plank frog jump

(20 reps)

Jump as a frog would jump! Yes, this plank exercise is all about jumping like a frog.


How did you like the ultimate plank workout? Let me know whether you found it easy or difficult to do. If you do not understand how to do a plank exercise, check on the Net for the related videos.

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All the best.

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